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Flat Cable Clips, Snap Close, Adhesive Back, Nylon, 1.26 in. wide X .24 in. high load area - 100/bag

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    Flat snap close cable clips in nylon are a perfect way to keep cables organized for low profile, flat layout installations. This flat cable clip keeps cables from bunching together and minimizes the height when multiple cables are needed. The flat snap clamp is one of our low-profile adhesive backed clip options that can be used in a variety of cable management installations and applications.

    Flat cable clamps are low profile, making them perfect for tight spaces.

    • Rubber based adhesive back
    • Material: Nylon 66, Natural color
    • Sturdy clip will not break apart
    • Perfect for motherboards and other low-profile applications
    • Easy to mount and use, can be re-used multiple times
    • Strong adhesive adheres to many types of surfaces
    • Made of lightweight, durable plastic
    • 100 pc bag

    Electrical Basics offers a wide variety of snap clips, cable clips, and cable clamps designed to make your cable installs fast and easy to do. Choose the best option for your needs! All our clips and clamps are flexible, sturdy, and can be used in a variety of cable management applications. We have products in stock and ready for immediate shipment.