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Red Nylon Female Disconnect, Fully Insulated AWG 12-10 (100/bag)

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    Red Female Fully Insulated Disconnect Terminal, nylon for size 22 – 18 AWG wires. The fully insulated female disconnect has a barrel shaped extended nylon sleeve that is designed for making quick electrical connections and easy disconnects. The fully insulated disconnect terminal mates with a male disconnect to provide a continuous and stable electrical wire connection. The tongue of the fully insulated male disconnect easily slips into the female disconnect to provide an electrical connection that resists abrasion, vibration, and moisture intrusion. The butt-seamed terminal is formed to have an insulated extended nylon barrel that makes it easy to insert wires and provide an encapsulated electrical connection. For proper installation, use a crimping tool to create a fast, secure, and long lasting electrical connection.

    Red Female Fully Insulated Nylon Disconnect for AWG wire sizes 22 to 18:

    • Fully Insulated Female Disconnect Terminals provide safe electrical connections
    • Butt-seamed fully insulated extended nylon barrel encapsulates electrical connection
    • Female fully insulated .25 in wide disconnect easily connects to fully insulated .25 in tab male disconnect
    • Full insulation of nylon barrel provides stress relief and abrasion resistance at wire connection
    • Allows for easy insertion of wires and wires can be easily disconnected
    • Made of electrolytic copper for good conductivity
    • Tin plated for corrosion resistance
    • Use crimping tool to create a safe, secure connection
    • Temperature range of -40 to 221 degrees F (-40 to 105 degrees C)
    • Rated 600V for electrical wiring, 1000V for signs, fixtures or luminaires
    • UL Listed, CSA Certified and RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant
    • 100/bag
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