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    These Circuit Tester / Outlet Analyzers can serve to let users know when safe or unsafe wiring conditions are present, including proper GFCI wiring function.

    • Detects Five Common Wiring Problems in Standard Outlets with Ground. 
    • Includes Ground Fault Circuit Test Button Feature. 
    • UL Recognized/ CSA Approved. 
    • Tests: 
      • Standard 3-prong Outlets, 
      • GFCI Outlets, 
      • Energized extension cords. 
    • Simply Plug In To View Light Pattern on Tester for Wiring Condition. 

    Please Note:

    • For Use on 110-125 VAC Receptacles Only!
    • Will Not Indicate Quality of Ground!

    A Circuit Tester / Outlet Analyzer with GFCI Function is a valuable testing tool used by electricians, home improvement contractors, homeowners, electrical inspectors, home inspection service contractors and other professionals.

    Save time and money with the 5 pack

    A GFCI Circuit Tester gives you peace of mind knowing that receptacle installations are in proper working order. Professionals can use the 5 pack to distribute to inspection teams and contractors, allowing them a way to check outlets to make sure the job is done right the first time. Electricians and Home Improvement contractors can use these to greatly reduce unnecessary and expensive callbacks.

    It's also a great tool for homeowners, electrical inspectors, real estate inspectors, and home inspection service contractors to check that all the electrical outlets are in good working order. These GFCI receptacles are easy to use and can instantly verify that the receptacle wiring in both new homes and existing homes is ready for the homeowner.

    Read more about GFCI outlet testers on our blog Why-use-GFCI-Receptacle-Tester-to-check-Electrical-Outlets

    Please Remember to Turn Off the Power When Working on Live Circuits!