Adjustable Plastic Clamps – A Versatile Releasable Clamp for Bundling and Securing Wires and Cables

Adjustable Wire Mounting/Routing Plastic Clamps are specialty, easy-to-use fasteners for bundling and fastening wires and cables in industrial, commercial and residential applications. Electrical Basics offers its Adjustable Wire Mounting & Wire Routing Plastic Clamps as part of a broad selection of plastic fasteners for common and specialty requirements. While manufactured to its high quality specifications and material standards, Electrical Basics is also recognized for its aggressive competitive pricing and shipping performance.

Electrical Basics – Serves you better

Made of industry standard Nylon 6/6 polymer, the Electrical Basics’ Adjustable Plastic Clamps have a ratcheting action which adjusts the clamp to fit wire and cable bundles with diameters between .220 inch and .940 inch. Being releasable, a simple press of the release tab opens the clamp for easy removal or addition of wires and cables. With a strong adhesive backing the adjustable plastic clamp can be securely affixed to clean dry surfaces for maximum routing/location effectiveness. To select the adjustable plastic clamp that best suits your application please visit our website or call for more information at 877-947-8437.

Adjustable Wire Mounting/Routing Plastic Clamps are but one version of the many types of Electrical Basicswire mounting and routing devices available for a variety of fastening and bundling applications. Please visit our website at for more information or call us at 877-947-8437.

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