An Online Supplier makes it easier to Manage Inventories

As a way to streamline manufactured products into sales channels, original equipment manufactures (OEM's) have increased their dependency on a variety of sales opportunities; including resellers, retailers, distributors and ecommerce sales to manage inventories and support production growth.

For instance, in order to support an OEM manufacturer, a professional packaging company can benefit from an online supplier to fulfill their ongoing inventories of high volume products such as cable ties and zip ties. Online ordering is an easy way to ensure they have enough product on hand so as not to disrupt the production process. In order for a packaging company to succeed, they need to have suppliers that can help them manage inventories and supply products in a way that meets the demands and timelines of production schedules. Electrical Basics is one such online resource to OEM’s and their suppliers.

An example of high volume supplies used in packaging are cable ties and zip ties. Cable ties are generally used to affix a tag to retail or commercial products on a volume production line basis. At retail you see a lot of lawn and garden equipment like shears, clippers and the like affixed to their packaging with cable ties. Also many types of toys use cable ties to affix the particular toys to their packaging. This is just a small slice of the similar uses of cable ties in OEM product packaging. Since there are a substantial number of ties used in packaging these products, an online supplier can help to store and manage these bulk inventories, and then quickly supply them in a timely manner to support production schedules.

As a company grows in production requirements, the scale of inventory grows. This can become a problem for manufacturers and packaging houses to store and shelve large boxes of ancillary products. As a way to keep the production cycle moving, and to provide more space for production equipment and employees in a facility, an online partner can support these inventories and supply products in an effective and efficient manner. Whether products are managed in bulk quantities or small custom lots, the right online supplier can deliver what you need, when you need it.
Nylon Cable Ties in Many Colors & Sizes

OEM's and Suppliers can rely on Online Ordering

OEM’s and packaging companies rely on their suppliers not only for new product development and quality products, but also for improved processes of productivity using technology. An OEM or their supplier can rely on an online resource for the technical means to managing and tracking inventories for a variety of products used in packaging. These packaging materials are generally used in high volumes; such as cable ties, identification ties and zip ties, as well as cable management mounting clips and cable mount bases used in a wide array of packaging configurations. Electrical terminals are also available if you need specific parts for electrical and electronic products. Electrical terminals are used in many consumer and business products, you can see the advantage of managing complex inventories for a variety of product components, as well as your packaging needs. A good partner relationship with an OEM or their supplier can benefit from having a trusted online partner that can provide the means to manage inventories in a way that is unique to those business needs.

One Source for Product Support

Knowing what products and quantities you need can be estimated and inventories made available. As needs grow, an online supplier can react quickly, to supply product in bulk packaging, and in a way that fits specific requirements for production needs. Additionally, product support can be made available online which is a valuable tool for sales channels and consumers alike.

As OEMs establish vertical integration through a chain of suppliers, an online resource such as Electrical Basics will work to establish common goals, link business practices, and provide consistent delivery methods that are efficient. A variety of products are available through an online partnership that can cut out the middle man, which helps to reduce the number of suppliers you need. Having a consistent online supplier relationship means you can receive high quality products, and the streamlined process has a bonus of lower cost, faster delivery times and improved customer service. For smaller companies that do not have a sophisticated inventory integration system, an online partner is a great way to begin to take advantage of the process and it’s benefits.

Test Run for Online Supplier Performance

When you find a good resource to help you achieve these goals, it would benefit all parties to test run the inventory management, purchase and delivery process. Start with specific product categories or select bulk products to create a streamlined and effective process that will meet the goals for delivery expectations. Allowing an online resource to supply product whether inside or outside your vertical integration system can have a positive affect on your supply and demand needs.

Electrical Basics is an online supplier for many packaging and electronic ancillary products. To find out more about how an online inventory management system can benefit your company, call us at 877-947-8437.

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