Corrosion Resistant Plastic Cable Clamps to Fasten Wires and Cables

Electrical Basics provide cost effective and hassle free wire and cable management products for efficient wire routing applications. Among the various cable management products, plastic cable clamps have received increased customer attention as they can efficiently adhere wires and cables to many surfaces easily. Moreover, the non conductive and non corrosive nature of the product provides improved operational excellence.

What are the types we offer?

You can find the following categories of plastic cable clamps at our end.

One hole screw mount Nylon cable clamps – This product is produced from high quality UL listed nylon 66 material. The two categories of one hole Nylon cable clamps we offer are:

  • Nylon cable clamps small: Available in 3/8" width for bundle diameters from 1/8" to 1/2". These non conductive and non corrosive multi- purpose nylon cable clamps are available in both natural and black color. Packaging of 1000 per bag. 
  • Nylon cable clamps large: Available for the customer’s use in 1/2" width in both black and natural nylon material for bundle diameters from 1/8" to 1.5".  Packaging of 1000 per bag for smaller sizes and 500 per bag for larger sizes are available.

Two hole screw mount Polyethylene clamps: They are available in natural color with 200 units in a bag. We provide these molded polyethylene plastic clamps for a multitude of applications. This type is durable in construction and they can be mounted securely with screws.

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