Electrical Basics – A Leading Provider of Superior Quality Electrical Terminals

Electrical Basics is a leading provider of a wide assortment of wire management and wire termination products. We are the go-to firm for electrical terminals in various configurations for industrial and commercial use.

Our high-quality terminals ensure that both, your process and personnel can help to provide the safest possible installation for your particular application.

With us, you will find the following categories of electrical terminals:

  • Ring terminals – Vinyl, nylon or heat shrink ring terminals
  • Spade terminals – Vinyl, nylon or heat shrink insulated butted-seam space terminals
  • Disconnects – We offer vinyl or nylon barrel insulated male/female disconnects, as well as nylon and heat shrink fully-insulated Insulated male/female disconnects
  • Butt splice connectors – We carry vinyl, nylon, and heat-shrink insulated butt splice connectors/terminals
  • Snap plugs – Choose from vinyl or nylon insulated butted-seam snap plugs
  • Piggyback disconnects vinyl – Vinyl insulated piggyback disconnects in a choice of colors
  • Tap splices/Quick splices – Suitable in applications where quick and simple wire termination is required.
  • Nylon closed end/Pigtail connectors – We offer four sizes that can handle wire combinations ranging from #10 to #22 gauge.

Electrical Basics also stocks ancillary tools such as the popular standard duty crimp tool compatible with 26-6 AWG.

To browse through the entire section of products, please visit our website www.electricalbasics.com to place small, medium and large volume orders. With thousands of inventoried products at any given time, Electrical Basics will certainly have the product you need to get the job done on-time, and within budget. 

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