Install Parts in Electronic Signs

Install Parts in Electronic Signs

An electronic sign is usually shipped as subassemblies that may require field-installed wiring to complete the final sign assembly. The parts inside an electronic sign could also be provided as subassemblies that are joined to form a single sign unit, or are installed as separate remote parts that need to be internalized. It sounds a little tricky to a general contractor or do it yourselfer because safety is always a big concern. That’s why it is so important to read the instructions, to not only properly install the electrical components, but to manage the cords as well, so that a hazard isn’t created by sloppy installation.

Managing Cords and Cables inside the Unit

Before starting an install of an electronic sign, first determine if you have all the parts required. It is really frustrating to start a project such as this and then have to stop because you are missing a piece, or two. One place to look after mounting an electronic sign is where the cable is installed and hanging.  It is important to support the cable so it is protected from physical damage. Cords can't be longer than 15 feet and flexible cords are prohibited from being run through, or above, a suspended ceiling. This is where you’ll need plastic cable ties or zip ties to properly attach, cluster or hang cords so that they are mounted out of the way of danger.

Help Installers Get The Correct Parts

If you saved the parts list supplied from the electronic sign company you’ll have a list of all the parts necessary for the operation of the sign. Since there are many electrical terminal connectors, splicers and fittings available, it can be beneficial to order supplies from an online source. Pictures on our website are displayed to make it easier to identify the correct parts and to order extras so that spare parts are always on hand. To prevent damage to the electronics, make sure you use splices that are listed in the outlet box, and if required, use listed insulating splicing devices. After all, the whole point of having an electronic sign to advertise your business is that it’s always on!

Fully integrated parts for OEM’s

If you are a sign manufacturer selling to mass markets it is easy to see that the best way for your customers to correctly assemble and install an electronic sign to working order is to provide quality parts with the sign purchase. Since most customers are not familiar with your specific product, it could be difficult to search on his own for connectors, splicers and disconnects that will work well with your unit. Providing quality parts in the sign kit makes sure that once the installation is complete, it will be durable and likely to last a long time. Having an online distributor for OEM products offers a great advantage in providing additional support and fast response times to your customers.

Repair a sign, Buy additional parts

Well, there’s always Murphy’s Law, what ever can go wrong, will go wrong. There are many ways an electronic sign can be interrupted. Whether there is damage from external elements or internal parts, you’ll need accessibility and spare parts to repair it. Having spare parts on hand is the difference in getting it repaired now, or later. Sometimes, electronic sign parts that are needed to complete assembly and installation are left out, lost, or just too difficult to work with. Electrical Basics has an online option for getting replacement parts for most electronic sign manufacturers. Talk to our experts to get recommendations for the same or better quality replacement parts for repairing your electronic sign. This online access to cable clips, disconnects, splicers, and cable clamps are pictured in a way that makes it easy to identify the replacement parts you need for the operation of indoor or outdoor electronic signs.

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