One & Two Hole Clips & Clamps - What’s the difference?

Professional cable and wire installers already know the difference. The homeowner may not, so below are a few of the many options available for molded and extruded plastic clamps and plastic clips that can be used for both basic, and unique product applications.

Electrical Basics provides a variety of clips and clamps that come in a broad range of shapes and materials that allow for more useful mounting options. Whether you need a cable and/or wire management solution for the home, or for professional cable and wire management applications, our mounting clips are fast and easy to use and durable enough to last for long periods of time.

These screw mount nylon clips and screw mount nylon clamps can be used on most pliable surfaces such as wood, laminate, and plywood.Choose between mounting cable or wires with screw in one hole clamps or with screw in two hole clamps.The lightweight plastic mounting clips are an inexpensive way to secure the installation of all types of cables and wires for electrical and non-electrical applications.

To set up a successful installation it is important that you first visualize where equipment will reside to minimize the amount of cable and wire you’ll need to use. Then determine where to position the cables and wires to restrict accidental damage or interference from people at desks, movable furniture, power outages, and combustible materials.

Please be safe and turn off electricity until your mounting application is completed.

Cable Clamps and Cable Clips support a wire management plan that can allow cables and wires to be securely positioned for design flexibility, easy to mount on surfaces, and provide a rigid mounting base that can support the weight of bundled configurations.

To ensure a strong and stable installation you can add more support with black insulating grommets, split loom (split tubing), spiral wrap and other products that protect your cable and wire installations.

Small One-Hole Nylon Tension Clips A complete line of small one-hole nylon plastic cable clamps in 3/8" width in both black and natural nylon for bundle diameters from 1/8" to 1/2".

Large One-Hole Screw Mount Nylon Cable Clamps A complete line of large one-hole nylon plastic cable clamps in 1/2" width in both black and natural nylon material for bundle diameters from 1/8" to 1.5".

Two-Hole Screw Mount Polyethylene Clamps A complete line of two-hole screw mount clamps in .472 inch diameter to .984 inch diameter in natural nylon material. The curved design of the plastic mount has a hole on each end for screws to form a more secure and permanent mounting solution.

Choose Electrical Basics for all your mounting and cable and wire management needs. Visit our website to view our wide variety of clips, clamps and wraps to accommodate all your installation needs.Order online today, our quality products are in stock and ready to ship!