Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and Value Added Resellers (VAR’s) need an Online Resource

Finding replacement parts for electronic products can be confusing and time consuming for customers. OEM (original equipment manufacturers) are companies that make products for others to repackage and sell as part of a design feature or equipment function. An online electrical supply source can sell OEM and VAR products to customers, without any retail packaging or instruction manuals as a way to support existing products in the marketplace. An OEM replacement product sold online with a reputable company is essentially a fast and easy way for customers to buy replacement parts for products that need repair. OEM parts are used in products for many consumer and trade industries, but are most prevalent in electronics.

Online Support for OEM parts is essential to Customer Satisfaction

Online resellers typically have an agreement with an OEM or VAR to sell replacement parts for a variety of consumer products so that a customer can easily identify the correct replacement part needed to repair or rework existing electrical systems and electronic products. This coordinated effort makes sense for the consumer, the products they purchase can last longer, which builds more brand loyalty.

Choosing an online supplier of electrical and electronic parts such as electrical terminals, wire routing clips, clamps and piggyback disconnects make it easy for customers to find what they need, from the comfort of home.

It is also a great way to support installers with replacement parts that are the right fit, effective and easily found.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) ensures it’s a proper part
An OEM is "a manufacturer of equipment that may be marketed by another manufacturer” for the purpose of selling a quality product under as its own company brand. This happens all the time, which is why you’ll see bar codes and parts number that don’t necessary reflect an OEM part number on all the elements within the product.

This is where it gets confusing for a consumer. How do I find an OEM part that has been identified as the proper replacement part so that my time and money are well spent?

OEM’s can Standardize Parts for Customer Recognition

OEM designates that a part is made by the manufacturer of the original part. Unfortunately, many times a product manufacturer will assign their own part number to an OEM part.

In order to find a correct replacement part it is important to understand that a part may carry the designation OEM if it is made by the same manufacturer, but it can also mean that an OEM part resides inside a product that is manufactured from another company, which is considered a Value Added Reseller (VAR). The part is the same, but the VAR may rename a part number for its own inventory purposes, which makes it unclear to the consumer about how to go about identifying the correct replacement part.

Understanding the difference between OEM, Var’s and Aftermarket parts

There is another term you’ve heard, ‘aftermarket’ which are parts that are made to resemble the features of a part, but are not actually made by the original equipment manufacturer. The term ‘aftermarket’ is often used for non-OEM spare parts, which can be manufactured by foreign countries without OEM approval, or are parts made to fit like the replacement part, with no guarantee that it will function properly.

Value Added Resellers
VAR’s are dealers of OEM products that add something of value before reselling the merchandise, whether it be selling in bulk, in kit packaging or for specific functionality. A VAR is an OEM vendor that may build consumer products from quality OEM parts. OEM parts allow VARs to market and sell their products as they see fit, knowing this part will be a quality feature in the performance and operation of their product.

Look at your Product List sheet

A retail product typically comes with a parts list inside the packaging. This will help you later on to identity part numbers that you will need to buy replacement parts. It can be a daunting task for a customer to find replacement parts that requires an OEM part. Using an online resource can help customers find the correct parts to fit product specifications. Since OEM parts will have different product numbers than VAR products, an online resource is a way OEM’s and VAR’s can work together to correctly identify parts used in products sold to the consumer.

Online Distributors of OEM and VAR replacement parts work together to offer Online Product Support

Typically replacement parts offered through an online reseller will not have fancy packaging or an installation or instruction sheet unless it is supplied by the OEM or VAR online.Finding replacement parts are made simpler by coordinating part numbers listed on the packaging, or directly on the part itself. Bar codes, OEM part numbers and VAR part numbers can be easily searchable on the web, and ultimately lead customers to a value added electrical and electronic supplier that can be counted on to deliver the correct parts to customers.

A Task worth the Effort

Building brand loyalty comes from customer support of the products and parts that are manufactured. Bringing together part numbers that are searchable online makes sense in growing business while providing a level of customer support that will be appreciated and remembered when choosing new products in the future.

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