Role of Twist Locks in Securing Cables and Wires

Electrical Basics is a premier source for high-quality, competitively priced wire management and wire termination products. Nylon twist locks are among the flagship products of Electrical Basic. We have been catering to the growing needs of quality conscious customers for twist locking devices that are offer secure electrical connections and ease of use.

These reusable/releasable twist locks are manufactured using high quality nylon for unmatched longevity. Use these to route and secure wire or bundles with a simple twist. And, you can rest assured that these nylon twist locks will not damage bundles.


Natural or Black


1000 per bag


Nylon 66


Our twist locks enable efficient wire management in diverse industries including automobile, electrical, telecom, oil and gas, marine, drugs and pharmaceuticals, retail, packaging and so on. Our strength and expertise in offering high quality wire management products gives us a definitive competitive edge.

Some of our defining attributes include:

  • Thousands of basic electrical products
  • Secure and smooth online ordering
  • Hassle free fulfillment (shipping in 2-3 business days)
  • Efficient customer and engineering support

Our easy-to-navigate and user-friendly website supports our customers in finding right the precise products for their specific applications, be it twist locks or any other product. This is where you shall find the broadest selection of wire management and wire termination solutions available anywhere.

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