Why use GFCI Receptacle Testers to check Electrical Outlets?

Why you should use a GFCI Receptacle Tester to check Electrical Outlets.
GFCI Receptacle Outlet Tester
There are many reasons to have a GFCI receptacle outlet tester on hand when you want to check on, or better understand the condition of the electrical wiring of a residential or commercial building you are in. Realtors who are selling residential and commercial properties face this every day, without fully knowing the potential danger that could cause personal or property damage caused by faulty electrical outlets. The biggest reason to check the condition of the outlets is safety. Some electrical systems could be old and outdated, while others could be damaged or leaking electrical current. If you are a realtor selling a home or a commercial property, you should know the status of all electrical outlets in the building. Not only will the buyer want to know, but you should be cautious that electrical shorts don’t spike from a faulty outlet while you are in the building, or that damaged or leaking outlets don’t start a fire when no one is around.
GFCI outlet testers 5 pack bulk
Contractors and installers face the same situation, only they will probably use the outlets for their tools and equipment. Using faulty outlets could damage their tools or worse, such as a spiking outlet causing physical harm. A GFCI tester will give workers a quick and easy way to check the condition of the outlets before using them. Working in teams is a safe way to manage construction projects in a building, or when providing installations. If an individual encounters an electrical short it could cause the heart to stop or start a fire, putting workers and the building at risk. The team approach is in many ways safer, and is a smart way to do business. By giving teams the tools they need to keep everyone safe, you can not only save money by buying in bulk, but can you can also make sure there are always GFCI testers on hand. So, in the case of electrical outlets, every worker should have their own GFCI receptacle tester, making it a standard and necessary tool to use as they move through their work day. 

What Does the GFCI Tester Do?

A GFCI outlet tester measures the current from one side of the power source to the other side. If the currents are not the same then some current could be leaking in a dangerous and unsafe way. It is a fast acting circuit breaker that will shut off power if there is a ground fault. The ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) tester is used to reduce the risk of electrical shock generated from outlets by testing the electrical circuitry to see if there is imminent danger. Electrical spikes can cause electrical fires or physical harm, such as skin burns or even the heart to stop. 

The GFCI tester measures the current so that you can be protected against the ground fault, which is the most common form of electrical shock. The outlet tester is used to better understand the status of the electrical current in a specific outlet. It works by comparing the amount of current traveling from one end to the other along the circuit conductors. This measurement is used to determine if change or repair is needed to the electrical wires. Uneven current or spikes are not safe and GFCI testers are designed to protect against electrical fires, electrical overheating, or prevent damage to the protective insulation of existing wires. 

The GFCI receptacle tester is used as a protective and proactive measure to know the condition of the electrical wires in the outlet. If the current going is different to amount of current returning, the GFCI will trip quickly and shut off power to prevent an electrical incident. This is especially useful when circuit outlets are in vulnerable areas, such as when electrical equipment is being used around water. Because it detects ground faults, it helps to protect people from electrical shock and buildings from electrical fires by interrupting the flow of the current. 

The GCFI tester has a tester button on it as well, so that you can routinely check to see if the tester is in good working condition. It can be permanently installed on circuit breakers, built into a power cord, or can provide readings directly from the circuit outlet. 

Since safety is always the number concern for anyone working around electrical wires, having a GFCI outlet tester on hand is a great way to provide personal protection from electrical shocks. Routinely checking electrical outlets in buildings and homes is a protective measure that will keep you safe and give you peace of mind. 

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