4 Way Cable Tie Mount

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Nylon Cable Tie 4-Way (1.0" x 1.0" Base) Adhesive/Screw Mounting Base Natural for 18-50 Lb. Ties (500/Bag) (fig.2)

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    4 way Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts are used to mount wires or cables onto surfaces such as walls, ceilings, panels, floors, or into a harness. A nylon cable tie that is used to bundle and secure cables or wires can be quickly and easily attached to a four-way cable tie mount to provide more stability and security for electrical installations. The adhesive mount sticks to non-porous surfaces and has a high tack adhesive back that gives you flexibility to add, remove, and adjust cables and wires to create custom installations. The self-adhesive cable tie base is strong and has a low-profile design that makes it an ideal mounting solution where you have little room or tight installations. The four-way cable tie mount has a hole to insert a screw if more stability is required.

    Four Way Cable Tie Mounting Bases

    • high tack adhesive base supports up to 1 lb. per square inch (6psi)
    • can accommodate #10 screws in mounting base for added support
    • keeps bundled cables and wires organized
    • for 18-40 Lb. Ties
    • accommodates standard, miniature and intermediate size cable ties /zip ties
    • can withstand temperatures up to 125° F (52° C)
    • 6.6 nylon material in natural color for high temp. indoor environments
    • black uv nylon mounts can be used outdoors and is sun and weather resistant
    • nylon material is resistant to oil, grease, salt, and won't break down
    • provides an affordable, safe, and secure cable management solution
    • 500 pc bag

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