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Electrical Testers - As part of its extensive offering of electrical, electronic and fastening products Electrical Basics offers a diverse selection of basic electrical testers including battery testers, continuity testers, receptacle testers and electrical voltage testers for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers. Standard and unique models of battery testers, electrical voltage testers, circuit testers, receptacle testers (including a tester for ground fault and proper polarity), a multi-function digital multimeter and a unique amperage/wattage load tester highlight the product offering. Electrical Basics sells to a diverse group of customers including electricians, installers, technicians, OEM's, Do-it-Yourselfers (DIY), hobbyists and many others.

Electrical Testers

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"AmWatt" Appliance Amperage and Wattage Load Tester
Price: $29.99

Item #: EBTT-17-AWTHP103 - "AmWatt" Appliance Amperage and Wattage Load Tester "AmWatt" Accurately Reads Amps Or Watts Of Common Cord-Connected Household Appliances And Lights. Accurate Digital Readout From 0 - 15.0 Amps and 0 - 1875 Watts. Easy Slide Switch Instantly Converts...
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7-Function Digital Electrical Tester
Price: $12.99

Item #: EBTT-17-DMTHP106 - 7-Function Digital Electrical Tester "DT830" 7-Function Digital Electrical Tester, Tests Voltage To 600 Volts AC & DC, Amperage To 10A, Resistance To 2000K Ohms, Tests Batteries To 9V, Diode Tester, Audible Continuity Test....
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"Volt Snooper" Non-Contact Voltage Detector
Price: $8.88

Item #: EBTT-17-VSTHP101 - "Volt Snooper" Non-Contact Voltage Detector "Volt Snooper". Visual And Audible Voltage Detection From 50 To 1,000 AC Volts; 50-60HZ, Pocket Clip On/Off Slide Switch With Low Battery Indicator Light, Powered By Two "AAA" Batteries (Included),...
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Battery Tester - Professional
Price: $10.95

Item #: EBTT-17-BT5-13 - Battery Tester - Professional Full Function Analog Battery Tester For Household - Photo - Button and Lithium Batteries
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Battery Tester - Home and Workbench
Price: $3.75

Item #: EBTT-17-BTE-100 - Battery Tester - Home and Workbench Battery Tester For Home and Workbench Tests 9-volt, D, C, AA, AAA and N Cell Household Batteries
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Circuit Tester - Economy
Price: $1.95

Item #: EBTT-17-VTE-100 - Circuit Tester - Economy Basic Economy Circuit Tester 90 to 500 Volts AC/DC with Insulated Finger Probes
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Circuit Tester 4-Way
Price: $3.95

Item #: EBTT-17-VT-4WY - Circuit Tester 4-Way Circuit Tester 4-Way Volt Tester 100-220-277-460 AC Volts with Insulated Finger Probes
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Continuity Tester
Price: $3.15

Item #: EBTT-17-CT-VI - Continuity Tester Continuity Tester Tests Cords - Fuses - Light Bulbs - Ground Continuity (power off!)
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Receptacle Tester 3-Wire
Price: $4.88

Item #: EBTT-17-RT-CA - Receptacle Tester 3-Wire Receptacle Tester 3-Wire Circuit Analyzer 110-125V AC Tests For Proper Receptacle Wiring (Including Polarity)
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Receptacle/GFCI Tester 3-Wire
Price: $8.75

Item #: EBTT-17-GFI-CA - Receptacle / GFCI Tester 3-Wire Receptacle/GFCI Tester 3-Wire Circuit Analyzer 110-125 VAC Tests Receptacle Wiring (Including Polarity) and Ground Fault
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Circuit Tester/Screwdriver
Price: $1.95

Item #: EBTT-17-VT-SDT - Circuit Tester / Screwdriver Circuit Tester/Screwdriver 80 to 250 Volts AC/DC - Screwdriver Is Handy For Wall Plate Screws, Wiring Device Screws and Wiring Device Release Tabs
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Electrical Non-Contact Current Detector
Price: $8.55

Item #: EBTT-17-VT-NC-BZ - Electrical Non-Contact Current Detector Non-Contact Electrical Current Detector with Buzzer Alert 50 - 600V AC
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Voltage/Continuity Tester - Solenoid
Price: $14.75

Item #: EBTT-17-VT-SOL - Voltage / Continuity Tester - Solenoid Solenoid Voltage/Continuity Tester Tests Volts 120-600V AC/DC - Continuity. Vibe/LED/Buzz Alerts
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Products 1-13