Calling All Professional Installers

Electrical Basics is an online resource for finding electrical and electronic parts for the installation of many types of products for the home. Calling a professional installer for sophisticated systems such as home security alarms, home theater and entertainment systems and other consumer products makes sense, as it allows a system to be installed correctly, which helps to meet compliance with your warranty.

We support professional installers with a variety of electrical and electronic products that are strong, durable and can integrate with existing parts. The expectation is there for professional installers to use quality parts that not only comply with government regulations, but to use ones that will last. We can help you to meet and exceed these expectations.

Some of our products are listed below (but not limited to):

Cable & Zip Tie sizes include standard, extra long & miniature, which come in 18lb to 250lb tensile strengths. We also have mounting nylon cable ties, releasable zip ties, identification cable ties & beaded cable ties that can be used with our cable tie mounting bases.

Wire Mounting Routing Plastic Clamps include adhesive backed clamps, one and two hole plastic clamps, Wire management, wire bundling, securing and protection products.

Wire Connectors includes standard & high temperature wire connectors, specialty connectors such as Push in, Wing type screw on & Pigtail, Tap splices and Quick splicers.

Electrical Terminals include Ring terminals, Spade terminals, Butt splice connectors, Piggyback disconnects and Snap plugs.

Electrical Tools include Cable tie installation tools and various wire stripper tools.

Electrical Testers include Load testers, Digital electrical testers, Voltage detector, Battery testers, Circuit testers, 3 wire, and Current detectors.

Electrical Basics has a number of effective products that compliment these and other product categories on our website.

Professional Installers and Franchise Owners benefit from a single source supplier

Electrical Basics is competitively priced, and many times offers lower pricing than big box stores and larger online ’jack of all trades’ websites. Our website features many types of electrical installation parts and electronic installation parts that you would use for the variety of installations you would do. Our electronic parts and electrical parts are available in an assortment of tensile strengths, lengths, colors, and insulated or non insulated terminal products. As your online source, we will work with you to standardize the sales process with ordering features and products that each franchise owner wants and needs for their business to be efficient and profitable.

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