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Optical Fiber Cable Clips, adhesive back, snap close, AWG #20 x 2 hold diameter – 500/bag

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    Snap clips for optical fiber cables are a fast and convenient way to set up cable management installations. The adhesive backed nylon snap clip has a flexible opening at the top of the clip so that the fiber optic cables can be quickly pushed into the clip. This clip is used for AWG #20 cables with a hold diameter of up to 2 inches. The optical cable snap clips are designed with a top opening, making it a fast and easy way to add to or remove cables when modifying installations.

    Optical Cable Snap Clips are perfect for cable management installations.

    • AWG #20 x 2 (1.7m x 2)
    • Top opening for fast and easy insertion
    • Flexible clip can handle bundles up to 2 inches diameter
    • Strong adhesive backing sticks to a variety of smooth surfaces
    • No tools needed, just peel backing and press to surface
    • Perfect for optical fiber/small cable holding
    • Clips snap tightly and are secure
    • Material: Nylon 66
    • 500 pc bag

    Electrical Basics offers a wide variety of snap clips, cable clips, and cable clamps designed to make your cable installs fast and easy to do. Choose the best option for your needs! All our clips and clamps are flexible, sturdy, and can be used in a variety of cable management applications. We have products in stock and ready for immediate shipment.