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Spade Terminals Heat Shrink Insulated-Butted Seam Yellow 12-10 AWG, #8 Stud (25/Bag)

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    Yellow Heat Shrink Spade Terminals provide the most secure electrical connection for 12 - 10 AWG wires, #8 stud. The heat shrink spade terminal uses heat activated insulation to seal and protect the electrical connection from movement, environmental conditions, abrasion, water, salt and other corrosive elements. After inserting the stripped wire and crimping the connection, heat is then applied to the terminal at the connection point to shrink the insulation. Once cool, the terminal provides a strong, permanent and leak-proof seal at the wire connection.

    Heat Shrink Spade Terminals are the strongest electrical terminal option:

    • 12-10 AWG Heat Shrink Spade Terminal in standard industry color: Yellow Heat Shrink Insulated Spade Terminal
    • #8 inch Stud
    • Heat activated adhesive is inside the butted seam heat shrink tubing
    • Insulation shrinks to form a leak-proof seal around wire connection
    • Secures wire connection from vibration and strain
    • Waterproof seal protects from corrosive elements
    • Tinned for optimum corrosion resistance
    • Copper is used for maximum current flow
    • UL listed and CSA recognized
    • Can be used for indoor or outdoor applications
    • 25 pc. Bag
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