Specialized Adhesive Backed Clamps for Effective Wire and Cable Management

Wire and cable management is now greatly enhanced by using plastic clamps from Electrical basics. People instantly think about Electrical Basics and purchase from us when they require plastic clamps of just about any type. We have earned the trust of customers with our broad selection of clamp types and unique designs along with our commitment to customer satisfaction.

These fastening devices are readily available in many varieties for many different applications. One of the categories of clamps that are highly popular in various industrial and commercial uses  are adhesive backed clamps which come in top load, side entry, low profile and other special  versions that will fit particular needs and space constraints.

Some of the most popular types of adhesive backed clamps are:

ADJUSTABLE NYLON RATCHET CLAMPS: It is important to know the specifications before making your purchasing decision. Here are the important specifications of this clamp type.

  • Ease of operator handling due to smooth outer molded edges
  • Adhesive backed 
  • Materials Available: UL94V-2 (E53664)  or UL94V-0 (E41797)
  • Lock securely yet are releasable to remove or change bundles routed


Some of the specifications of this adhesive backed clamps type are.

  • Flat cable clamp - 3 Sizes
  • Low Profile – Easy Entry
  • Rubber based adhesive
  • Material: Nylon 66
  • Color: Natural

Round cable snap close clips, top load cable clamps, cord snap in clips, tension clips, wire harness clips, low profile clips, flat cable plastic clamps and fiber optic clips are some of the other categories of plastic clamps and plastic clips available from our broad selection of plastic fasteners. We have a fully stocked centrally located warehouse facility that allows us to provide 24 hour shipping in most instances and our product specialists are eager to assist you concerning  all of your specific product and fulfillment needs.

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