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Adhesive-backed plastic clamps and clips are one of the most effective, yet low-cost solution for wire and cable management. Made from nylon, these cable clamps feature a thick adhesive that helps secure cables and wires, or electronic components of various types to your application. These clamps and clips can be mounted in multiple ways. Electrical Basics offers one of the extensive ranges of adhesive-backed plastic clamps and clips for both basic and unique product applications in a broad range of shapes. They are available for cable bundle diameters between 1/8" and 1".

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    Types of Adhesive Backed Cable Clips and Clamps Offered by Electrical Basics

    Our selection features the following types of adhesive backed clamps and clips that are exclusively designed to meet your various wire and cable management needs.

    • Round Cable Snap-Close Clips: These cable clips are one of the most popular plastic cable clamps. They can easily adhere to most surfaces and can be used to route cables to ceilings, desks, floors, and so on. Our round cable snap-close clips snap in cables easily, which makes your work easier. They can be easily opened to add or remove any existing cables. 
    • Top-Load Cable and Cord Snap-in Clips: These adhesive backed clips are made from natural nylon 6/6 material and are flexible enough to snap cables and cords in place. They are reusable and allow modifications of installations by removing or moving existing cords, wires, and cables to other locations.  
    • Tension Clips Easy Lock: These adhesive backed clips are used to bind, grip, and bundle electrical cables and wires of different sizes. Our tension clips get their name from easy lock tension clips, which enable quick and easy wire bundling according to the clip diameter. 
    • Flat Snap-Close Nylon Cable Clamps: These clips are the best way to organize cables in flat layout installations. These clips help avoid the bunching of cables and minimize the cable height when multiple ones are used. 
    • Optical Fiber Snap Clips: The clips get their name from their usage. Our optical fiber snap clips are used to secure fiber optic cables, which are pushed into the clip. These clips have opened tops, which makes removal or addition of installation easy during modifications and repairs.

    We provide UL listed adhesive clamps and clips that are that are sturdy, flexible, and suited for a wide range of cable management applications. They have been used by DIY enthusiasts, OEMs, system integrators, network administrators, and HVAC system manufacturers for several years now. You can easily rely on us if you are looking for plastic cable clamps for your wire application project. We take pride in our extensive selection, which comprises nylon cable clamps for all projects. Needless to say, you are sure to find the clamps for your requirements. Do you want to know more about adhesive-backed clips and clamps? Our team can help you. Feel free to reach us via email or phone. We will be happy to assist you with the selection process as well.