Standard & High Temp Screw-On Wire Connectors

Electrical wire screw connectors are nut-like devices used for fastening two or more low-voltage conductors such as wires and keep them separate. This helps eliminate the possibility of shorting or other mishaps. At Electrical Basics, we offer electrical wire screw-on connectors that are UL and CSA listed, and in a variety of sizes from miniature to extra-large as well as several colors. Our standard as well as high temperature screw connectors are made from a variety of wire combinations in different gages from #10 to #22. Our high temperature electrical screw-on connectors are made using UL94V-2 flame retardant material and are rated at 150 degrees. They are color coded as per industry standards and the packaging is available in several varieties. You can get the best screw-on connectors from us for any of your new construction, electrical installation, remodeling, and other such projects as well as industrial applications!

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    Types of Electrical Wire Screw-on Connectors Provided by Electrical Basics

    We offer various types of electrical wire screw connectors such as standard and high temperature ones. All of these find applications in industrial wiring, commercial, as well as residential projects. Here are the details:

    • Standard screw-on connectors: These are suited for connecting AWG wires together. They come with a twist-on cap that is color coded as per industry standards and vary in size from miniature to extra-large. The colors may range from red, gray, yellow to blue and orange. You need to pick the right size based on your wiring sizes and other requirements. The twist-on shell or cap is ribbed which makes it easy to open and non-slippery. These are not suited for underground or outdoor applications.
    • High temperature screw-on connectors: These connectors come with a thermoplastic shell or cap that is designed to withstand extreme elevated temperatures and resist heat buildup in enclosures and appliances. This is twist-on cap which makes it easy to add or remove multiple conductive wires to the connector. These are available in various sizes and you need to choose the right one based on your wiring requirements. All you need to do is just remove some insulation material from the wires, twist the conductive portions together and insert into the connector.

    Electrical Basics offers premium quality electrical wire screw connectors for various electrical applications. Our screw-on connectors are UL listed and hence are fire retardant and safe. We have a fair pricing policy and offer the best deals on bulk purchases. Our electrical wire screw-on connectors can be used by OEMs, DIY enthusiasts, and professional electricians. We have varieties of these screw connectors almost always stocked in our inventory, and hence can be shipped immediately or as required. Our team can answer all the questions you may have regarding any type of screw connectors we have. Feel free to reach us via email or phone. We will be happy to assist you with the selection process as well.