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An electrical box in any organization may comprise wires of different lengths. These wires are connected to each other using wire connectors. These wire connectors also prevent wires from touching each other or any exposed metal surface, reducing accidents through short circuits. At Electrical Basics, we stock a broad range of electrical wire connectors, including standard and high-temperature screw-on wire connectors, economy screw-on wire connectors, wing wire connectors, push-in wire connectors, and nylon pigtail/closed-end connectors. All our electrical wire connectors are UL listed.

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    Types of Electrical Connectors Offered by Electrical Basics

    Our selection features the following types of electrical connectors.  

    Screw-on Wire Connectors: These wire connectors are basically twist-on connectors, which feature wing-like extensions for easy installation using a nut driver or any other specialized tool. We provide standard, high-temperature, and economy screw-on wire connectors. These connectors are not recommended for outdoor and underground applications and can be easily used with solid or stranded wires.

    Winged Wire Connectors: These connectors feature a winged outer body, which assures better grip to electricians working with them. The outer body also offers leverage while twisting the wires on the connectors. Our winged wire connectors are usually considered for projects, which require a large number of connections.

    Push-in Wire Connectors: These connectors are better alternatives to wire twisting and help reduce motion fatigue caused due to repetitive wire twisting. These connectors are used in applications where multiple connections may be required. The connector’s clear visual outer shell offers better visibility of internal connections. In short, this outer shell helps identify loose connections or other faults. Color-coded push-in wire connectors offered by us are ideal for new construction, new installation, remodeling, as well as other OEM and DIY applications.

    Nylon Pigtail Connectors: These are closed-end and crimp-on wire connectors, which are used to secure electrical connections in electrical boxes. We recommend these electrical wire connectors for applications where wires may be subjected to vibrations. Wires are connected before installing the pigtail on them.
    Applications of Electrical Wire Connectors Provided by Electrical Basics

    Our wire connectors are used in electrical wiring systems for the following:

    1. Light switches
    2. Receptacles
    3. Ceiling fans
    4. Can lights
    5. Thermostat controls
    6. HVAC
    7. Smoke/CO detectors
    8. Garage doors
    9. Doorbells
    10. Security systems
    11. Recessed lighting
    12. Signage

    We are committed to deliver high-quality products, which is why our electrical wire connectors are popular nowadays with professional installers, homeowners, do-it-yourself installers, electrical contractors, modelers, and OEMs. With such broad types of electrical connectors available for consideration, it is quite obvious to get confused. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements. Our experts would be happy to help you with the selection.

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