Tap Splices / Quick Splicers

A tap splice connector is used to connect two cables without cutting their ends or welding them. These connectors are also known as quick splice wire connectors because you can easily splice them into any existing wire. Electrical Basics offers three sizes of color-coded tap splices to both DIY and OEM customers. All tap splice connectors showcased here are in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Features of Tap Splice Connectors

Our quick splicers are easy to use. You can insert two wire ends into the tap splicer and add pressure to splice the wire. The plastic strap folds over the clips and wires to secure the metal bit in place. The following features of these quick splice wire connectors make them popular.

  • Our tap splicers are made using a high-quality vinyl polymer that protects them from abrasion and moisture.
  • Metal bit in tap splice connectors cut through plastic wire insulation.
  • Our tap splice connectors are designed with a simple and quick installation system.
  • They can connect old and new wires.
  • These splicers easily fit AWG wires within the tap splicer range.
  • Our quick splice wire connectors can handle temperatures up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • They help create a single flow of electric current.
  • Quick splicers are offered in 100 pieces per bag.

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    Tap splices are used by professional electricians and DIYers. We have been providing these connectors for different electrical installation and maintenance projects over the years. So, we understand the requirements of different applications. Do you have any queries on the effectiveness of quick splicers or any other connectors in our selection? Feel free to contact us at the earliest. Our team will be happy to answer your queries and guide you through the selection.

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