Nylon Closed End / Pigtail Connectors

Nylon closed end connectors are one of the most popular electrical terminals used in installation and maintenance projects. These electrical terminals stand out due to their molded design and closed ends. They can easily patch into any existing line. You can use nylon pigtail closed-end connectors to connect multiple electrical wires and create one piece wire connection within an electrical box. Electrical Basics provide nylon closed-end connectors for 10 AWG, 12 AWG, 14 AWG, and 18 AWG wires. Browse our selection to find the right nylon closed-end connectors for your needs!

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    Features of Nylon Closed-End Pigtail Connectors Offered by Electrical Basics

    Our electrical terminals have been extensively used for remodeling, new installations, and many OEM and DIY applications. The following features have contributed to their popularity:

    • Our nylon closed-end connectors feature sturdy yet flexible closed-end nylon caps assuring reliable performance.
    • These connectors feature easy to crimp cap that assures a secure wire connection.
    • This easy-to-crimp cap features tin-plated copper inside it and is made of clear insulator material.
    • Our pigtail wire connectors can resist current forces and vibration.
    • They can be used for solid and stranded wires.
    • The nylon closed-end connectors have a 300V voltage rating.
    • These electrical terminals are offered in bulk with 1000 pieces in a bag.

    Electrical Basics deliver nylon closed end pigtail connectors and other quality electrical terminal products to electricians, DIYers, and other professionals. Contact our experts at Electrical Basics for any questions on nylon pigtail connectors and other termination products. We provide various types of pigtail options, and our products are always in stock and ready for immediate shipment!

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