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Wire Bundling is a technique used for arranging electrical cables in a bundle. This not only helps in wire management through the efficient organization of the cables but also works as a wire color protector. There are various wire management products like cable clamps, snap clips, split tubing, twist locks, and so on. Electrical Basics offer high-quality wire bundling solutions for wire management. We offer wire management, wire bundling, securing, and protection products for bundling and securing applications

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    Different Wire Management Products We Offer

    Wire Bundling solutions include various products, including clips and clamps used for bundling wires. Some of our popular products are as follows:

    • Split Tubing: It is a flexible tube that protects cords, wires, cables, etc., from foreign elements, abrasion, solvents, and other particles that may damage the wires.
    • Twist Locks: This is one of the fastest ways to quickly bundle the cables. Twist locks are made up of natural nylon, which locks and unlocks them in one twist.
    • Cable Clamp Snap Clips: This wire management solution comes with two flexible compression bars, which help in tightening the large bundle of wires. Cable clamp snap clips protect the wires to the ceiling, furniture, walls, etc.
    • Cable Clamp Ratchet Snap Clips: As the name suggests, ratchet snap clips allow ratcheting using one hand, which provides a secure and custom fit of bundles.

    Wire management products are small but important for any heavy electrical application, whether commercial or industrial. If you are in search of effective wire bundling solutions, we are here to help you. All our bundling products are made with high quality material for effective application. In case you have any questions regarding our products, you can get in touch with us today. We will be happy to assist you.