Standard Nylon Cable Ties

Cable Ties are used in industrial, commercial and residential applications for wire and cable management, installations, and general purpose bundling and fastening. Also known as zip ties and tie wraps, cable ties are available in various types, lengths, sizes, and so on, depending on the application. At Electrical Basics, we provide nylon cable ties in 3-inch to 48-inch length, tensile strengths from18 lb. to 175 lb., multiple colors, and UV/outdoor compatibility. Our standard nylon cable ties are made from nylon grade 6.6 with tensile strengths ranging from 18 lb. to 175 lb. and the lengths ranging from 3" to 48". Since, they are UV compatible, these cable ties are suitable for outdoors are designed to remain durable in harsh environments. You can get the best cable ties for any application at Electrical Basics!

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    Types of Nylon Cable Ties Provided by Electrical Basics

    We offer various types of nylon cable ties, including miniature cable ties. Our specialty ties include mounting ties, releasable ties, identification ties, air handling ties, beaded ties, and cord ties. You can efficiently use these to bundle wires, cords, and cable in household and commercial and industrial applications. Here are some of the types.

    1. Miniature Nylon Cable Ties: These ties have a tensile strength of around 18 lb. Their lengths range from 3" to 15.7" and bundle diameters from 1/16" to 4.5". Since miniature ties are compact-sized, they are ideal for applications with space constraints and hard-to-access areas. These are UV and weather resistant as well.
    2. Intermediate Size Nylon Cable Ties: The tensile strength of intermediate ties ranges between 30 and 40 lb. Their lengths range from 5.5"" to 14.25" and bundle diameters from 1/16" to 4". We offer them in both natural and black colors. Our ties are RoHS compliant.
    3. Standard Size Nylon Cable Ties: Made of nylon 6/6 material, this type has medium tensile strength of around 50 lb. These are UV and weather resistant, and their length ranges from 6 to 36 inches. The bundle diameters range from 1/16" to 10.5".
    4. Heavy Duty Nylon Cable Ties: This type of cable tie has a high tensile strength ranging from 120 to 175 lb. Made of nylon 6/6, they are available in natural as well as black colors. Their lengths range from lengths from 8" to 48" and bundle diameters from 3/16" to 15".

    Electrical Basics offers premium quality cable and zip ties for various electrical applications. We offer reasonable pricing and the best deals on bulk purchases. Our nylon cable ties are suitable for home based as well as commercial applications. We have all these varieties stocked in our inventory, and almost always can be shipped immediately or as required. Our team can answer all the questions you may have regarding these nylon cable ties. Feel free to contact our team via email or phone. We can help you with the selection process as well.