Heavy Duty Nylon Cable Ties

Heavy-duty cable ties are an integral component of any electrical or network application for specific industries or operating environments. These applications require secure and reliable bundling, fastening, or organizing of wires, cables, or other materials in a harsh operating environment. These cable ties are made from a durable, high-strength nylon material that can withstand harsh environments, extreme temperatures, and heavy loads. Whether you need to secure bundle wires in an automotive engine or cables in a data center, heavy-duty nylon cable ties are a simple and effective solution. At Electrical Basics, we provide a comprehensive range of plastic heavy-duty zip ties at competitive prices. They offer a secure and long-lasting hold even under the most challenging conditions. We offer these cable ties in natural color nylon 6/6 material and UV Black color nylon 6/6 material. Browse our inventory and discover the benefits of using high-quality cable ties for your application.

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    Features of Heavy-Duty Nylon Cables Ties

    Our heavy-duty nylon cable ties have a huge demand, especially in extreme industrial environments, owing to their following beneficial features.

    • Our heavy-duty cable ties are molded from natural and UV nylon 6/6 material, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.
    • These cable ties come in lengths from 8" to 48", and are available in bundle diameters from 3/16" to 15".
    • They come in different tensile strengths, making them suitable for light and heavy-duty applications. They have been tested rigorously and meet the UL94V-2 Flame Classification, ensuring they resist fire hazards. These cable ties can also withstand a temperature range of -40 degrees C to 85 degrees C (-to 185 degrees F), making them suitable for use in various environments.
    • Our heavy-duty zip ties meet ASTM standards, including D 4066 and PA11, and are UL File No. E70062 certified. Furthermore, they are RoHS compliant, making them an environmentally friendly option.
    • While they generally are packed as 100 units per bag, you can custom order according to your r project requirement.


    All sizes of heavy duty cable ties (120 LB and 175 LB tensile strengths) from Electrical Basics are available in both natural color nylon 6/6 material as well as UV Black color nylon 6/6 material for outdoor applications (sun and weather resistant). Heavy Duty cable ties are available in lengths from 8" to 48" providing available bundle diameters from 3/16" to 15".

    • Heavy duty ties

    ITEM NO.
    -N -UVB
    COLOR: Natural Black UV Stabilized
    See Table
    MATERIAL: Nylon 66 Nylon 66
    UL No. E41938 E190851

    ITEM NO.
    Bundle Diameter
    Approx. Length
    Width (Ref.)
    Min. Loop Tensile
    Pack Size
    Natural Black
    EBCT-02-03-8120-N EBCT-02-03-8120-UVB 3/16-2.0 (5.0-55.0) 8.0 (203) .300 (7.6) 120 (54.4) 100
    EBCT-02-03-11120-N EBCT-02-03-11120-UVB 3/16-3.0 (5.0-78.0) 11.0 (280) .300 (7.6)
    EBCT-02-03-15120-N EBCT-02-03-15120-UVB 3/16-4.25 (5.0-110.0) 15.0 (380) .300 (7.6)
    EBCT-02-03-18120-N EBCT-02-03-18120-UVB 3/16-5.25 (5.0-133.0) 17.75 (450) .310 (8)
    EBCT-02-04-21175-N EBCT-02-04-21175-UVB 3/16-6.5 (5.0-166.0) 21.5 (550) .310 (8) 175 (79.3) 100
    EBCT-02-04-24175-N EBCT-02-04-24175-UVB 3/16-7.25 (5.0-185.0) 23.8 (605) .350 (9)
    EBCT-02-04-30175-N EBCT-02-04-30175-UVB 3/16-9.25 (5.0-236.0) 30.0 (762) .350 (9)
    EBCT-02-04-36175-N EBCT-02-04-36175-UVB 3/16-10.5 (5.0-270.0) 36.0 (914) .350 (9)
    EBCT-02-04-46175-N EBCT-02-04-46175-UVB 3/16-14.0 (5.0-360.0) 46.0 (1168) .350 (9)
    EBCT-02-04-48175-N EBCT-02-04-48175-UVB 3/16-15.0 (5.0-380.0) 48.0 (1219) .350 (9)
    Applications of Heavy-Duty Cable Ties

    Here are some typical applications of our heavy-duty cable ties :

    • Plumbing
    • Construction
    • Agriculture
    • Automotive
    • Electrical Wiring
    • Home Organization

    Heavy-duty cable ties have proven to be an excellent solution for systematically organizing, securing, and managing cables and wires in harsh industrial environments. They can withstand extreme conditions and offer a secure hold on your cables. The team at Electrical Basics is well equipped to offer you the best possible cable ties for your application and answer any relevant questions you may have. In case of any doubts or requirement sharing, do reach us via phone or email.

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