Identification Nylon Cable Ties

Identification cable ties or flag cable ties are used to secure and identify wiring harnesses, cable bundles, and other wire management applications. They are available in both vertical and horizontal tabs. These tabs can be imprinted with a company's logo, name, or other identifying information. This makes it easier for the customer to identify the cable ties when they are in use. At Electrical Basics, we offer identification nylon cable ties in three style configurations and two sizes of identification nylon cable ties in natural nylon 6/6 material. Whether you need to secure wiring in a home or office, bundle cables together, or make minor repairs, our cable ties will do the job.

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    Features of Identification Plastic Cable Ties

    Identification nylon cable ties can be beneficial when you are working on a large project with many different cables. If you're looking for an easy, and efficient way to keep your cables and wires organized, look no further than these plastic cable ties. Our identification plastic cable ties stand out due to the following reasons: 

    • Made from natural nylon 6/6 material 
    • Used to identify cords, cables, and wires
    • Used as an ID tag in cable and wire management applications 
    • Used as ID zip ties 
    • Locking teeth of these tags help adjust to bundle size 
    • Designed for temperatures between -40°F and 185°F
    • Identification tags possess 18 lb tensile strength
    • Interlocking vertical tab zip tie with a triangle tip for securing bundle sizes
    • Tag has vertical and horizontal placement, which is located above the locking mechanism

    Types of Identification Nylon Cable Ties 

    • Our collection features the following types of cable ties. 
    • 4 Inch Identification Cable Ties, Horizontal- EBCT-02-09-418-N
    • 4 Inch Identification Cable Ties, Horizontal - EBCT-02-09-4181-N
    • 8 inch Identification Cable Ties, Vertical- EBCT-02-09-750-N


    ITEM NO.
    COLOR: Natural
    PACKAGING: 1000 per bag
    MATERIAL: Nylon 66
    UL No. E41938(M)

    ITEM NO. Marking Area
    Bundle Diameter
    inches (mm)
    Approx. Length
    inches (mm)
    Approx. Width
    inches (mm)
    Tensile Strength Fig. No.
    EBCT-02-09-418-N .300 x 1.00 1/16-1.0 (2.0-25.4) 4.0 (100) .100 (2.5) 18 lb. 1
    EBCT-02-09-4181-N .300 x 1.00 1/16-1.0 (2.0-25.4) 4.3 (110) .100 (2.5) 18 lb. 2
    EBCT-02-09-750-N .510 x 1.10 1/16-2.0 (2.0-50.0) 7.9 (200) .180 (4.6) 50 lb. 3


    You can use identification cable ties in different ways. For example, you can use them to mark different signal wires, power cables, or data cables. You can also use them to mark different parts of a circuit or different areas of a wiring project. They can also be used to label different cables in a home theatre system or computer network.

    Overall, if you need a strong, versatile, and easy-to-use fastener, then an identification cable tie is the perfect solution. Here are the other few of the ways that identification plastic cable ties can be used:
    • Secure wiring and cables in homes, offices, and other buildings
    • Bundle and organize cords and cables
    • Fasten objects together
    • Mark or identify cables and wiring
    • Hold down tarps or covers
    • Secure objects to surfaces
    • And much more!

    Our identification cable ties have been widely used in commercial, industrial, and residential applications for several years now. We have been delivering these identification cable ties in 1000/bag and assure attractive discounts on bulk purchases. All our nylon cable ties are available in our ready-to-ship inventory, so, we can dispatch them as soon as you place the order.