Cable Tie Mounting Bases

Cable tie mounting bases are used for mounting cable and zip ties in commercial environments. At Electrical Basics, we provide different sizes and styles of screw mounts, 4-way cable tie mounts, and arrowhead mounts for your cable tie and zip tie application requirements. Our mounting bases are easy to install and used to mount cables and wires onto surfaces of ceilings, walls, floors, panels, and so on.

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    Features of Cable Tie Mounting Bases by Electrical Basics

    Our cable and zip tie holders have been integral part to electrical applications for several years. The following features of these tools have contributed to their easy acceptance. 

    1. The screw mount cable tie base features a screw hole at its center, and a nylon cable tie can be inserted into the part and mounted to panel/chassis using a screw.
    2. Screw mount bases assure security and stability for electrical installations.
    3. They offer the flexibility required to add, remove, and adjust cables and create custom cable and wire installation options.  
    4. The 4-way cable tie mounting bases come with adhesive backing and are available in natural and UV black nylon 6/6 for outdoor applications.
    5. They are adhesive-backed cable tie mounting bases and are supplied with two mounts per strip.
    6. The 4-way cable tie mounting bases can be easily riveted or screwed to the panel.
    7. These bases do not require pre-drilled holes.
    8. Our arrowhead mounts feature arrowhead locks, which easily secures in the hole.
    9. These zip tie and cable mounts can be easily installed on the chassis.
    10. Our cable tie mounting bases are designed using nylon 6/6 material, which makes them durable and improves their performance in harsh environments.

    Tips for Effective Use of Cable Tie Mounting Bases

    All our zip tie holders feature durable and sturdy construction. They allow us to meet our expectations of different operational environments as well as expected pull-off forces. For effective results, we recommend our users to follow the below instructions.

    1. The surface of the installation must be cleaned before the work. It must be dry and free from oxides, oils, parting agents, and impurities.
    2. If using adhesive-backed cable tie mounting bases, clean the surface using isopropanol water and a clean cloth. If you use any cleaning agents, ensure they do not harm the surface or leave residue behind. It is always recommended to blow dry the surface to clean any impurities.
    3. Gently peel off the adhesive backing and do not touch the adhesive with bare hands.
    4. Next, apply it to the surface and press it using the thumb.
    5. Check the mounting base after a few minutes to ensure it has properly adhered to the surface.
    6. If using screw mount bases, be careful while working with screws.
    7. Ensure you are installing them in the right place.

    Are you looking for quality zip tie holders for your commercial installations? We have you covered. We are committed to delivering only the best quality products. All cable tie mounting bases are UL listed and have been successfully installed in various electrical projects. Our experts can guide you through the selection and answer any relevant questions. If you want to share your requirements with us or have any further questions, you can contact us via phone or email.