Cable Tie Installation Tools

Cable ties are used to zip or tie the cables or wire bundles safely in a network environment. These ties not only organize the cables but also eliminate the possibilities of loose or open ends, unused bundles lying in a network area, and so on. Electrical Basics offers various types of cable tie installation tools for cutting and optimum tensioning of cable bundles and zip ties. Our wire installation tools are easy to use and made of durable plastic or heavy duty metals. All our cable tie installation tools are designed to operate in all types of operational environments. They can safely tie or fasten the cable ties without breaking them. These tools are also used to cut the cable ties safely.

Cable Tie Installation Tools



Fig. No.


Metal Tool: Durable model for use with .100 (2.5) wide through .187 (4.7) wide cable ties (18#-50# tensile).



Plastic Tool: Economy model for use with .100 (2.5) wide through .187 (4.7) wide cable ties (18#-50# tensile).



Metal Tool: For use with .300 (7.6) wide and greater cable ties (120# & up tensile).



Plastic Tool: Lightweight model for use with .100 (2.5) wide through .187 (4.7) wide cable ties (18#-50# tensile).



Metal Tool: Heavy duty with cutoff lever for use with.300 wide through .350 wide cable ties (120#-175# tensile).


Features of Cable Tie Installation Tools We Offer

Here are some beneficial features of our cable tie installation tools and why you could source them from us.

1. We offer both metal as well as plastic tools for safe cutting, trimming, and cinching of cable bundles during network installations.
2. We offer heavy duty metal tools and an economy range of plastic tools which are just as durable and lightweight.
3. All tools are suitable for use with nylon zip ties.
4. Their ergonomic designs ensure the comfort of the operator with the right positioning of the handle and trigger.
5. The metal tools have an entire sturdy metal construction with an aluminum frame. The plastic tools are durable and affordable too.
6. The knob/handle of these tools include a manual tension adjuster to be used as needed.
7. They are safe and easy to use. All you need to do is zip tie the cable bundle and insert the tie tip into the tool tip, and pull the trigger to cinch and cut. The entire process is quite fast.
8. Tool selection should be based on cable tie used(tensile/width) and the parameters of your application.
These tools have a long operational life and can last for several years if cared for properly.

If you have any requirement for cable tie installation tools, you can totally rely on us in terms of quality and catering to exact requirement. We offer a huge variety of these wire installation tools which are of premium quality and manufactured as per industry standards. Our team also helps you select the right one in case of any confusion. We also answer all the relevant questions you may have about these tools. For any further questions or requirement sharing, you can reach us via phone or email.

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