3 Must Have Tools You Need to Work with Electricity

3 Must-Have Tools You Need to Work with Electricity
When you’re working with electricity having the right selection of tools makes all the difference. We recommend you have the following tools:

1. Cable Tie Installation Tool

The right cable tie installation tool will let you quickly secure a single wire or a bunch with proper tension and proper length. We offer a selection of cable tie tools – some with pistol grips for easy use and some with heavy duty pliers-type grips. Check out our cable tie installation tools now.

2. Wire Strippers

Wire strippers help you make the right connections. Our favorite is our wire stripper with lock. It comes with a wire gauge guide and both strips cuts and loops. Order our best wire stripper now.

3. Multi-function tools

Multi-function tools save you time and money. For example, our wire stripper multi-tool deluxe not only strips wires, it cuts bolts, crimps and loops – all in one handy implement. Add this wire stripper multi-tool to your tool box.

We also offer the multi-function panel tool. With quality tempered steel cutting and stripping edges it strips 10 and 12 gauge NM cable, 8 to 12 solid and stranded wire It also cuts copper wire to 6 AWG. It’s pliers nose means it can fit in tight places and its oversized insulated padded handles provide both safety and comfort. Choose the multi-function panel tool for your tool belt.

We also offer a great wire stripper / crimping tool kit that comes with 99 terminals and connectors – all packed in a handy carrying case making it an ideal set for handling a variety of projects. Order this useful kit today.

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