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Bumpers and feet, also known as door stops, cabinet stops, or rubber feet for furniture, are used to protect the surfaces of various appliances, housings, and cabinets in homes or offices. Electrical Basics offers an extensive selection of urethane bumpers with adhesive back and two-piece feet –screw on rivet and push-pin for various appliances and equipment. Urethane bumpers are offered in clear, white, and black colors and are available in other colors upon request. All these bumpers are offered in different types and sizes. Order yours today!

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    Features of Bumper and Feet

    Bumper and feet offer protection, absorb shocks, and provide stability and clearance to cabinets, equipment, and appliances. Our bumper and feet stand out owing to the following features:

    Urethane Bumpers
    • Rubber adhesive-backed urethane bumpers on pads
    • Can be easily affixed to any smooth, clean, and dry surfaces
    • Scratch, vibration, and skid resistant on surfaces
    • Available in cylindrical, hemisphere, square, and tapered square styles

    Two-piece Feet Push-in Bumpers
    • Two-piece feet push-in bumper feet locks firmly to the place
    • Equipped with tight fit push-in-clip with two-part mechanism
    • Will not stain or damage surfaces
    • Require no tools for installation
    • Skid, vibration, and scratch resistant

    Applications of Bumper and Feet

    These components may be used for various reasons. They:

    • Absorb shock from equipment that vibrates
    • Help separate contact points of materials kept close by
    • Provide stability to uneven surfaces
    • Cover sharp edges
    • Protect the floors from furniture feet
    • Can be used as drawer or door stops

    We are committed to delivering quality products. As a result, we employ the best engineering practices and use only high quality materials. Our bumpers and feet are designed to support OEM products and are used to replace damaged parts, and for protection against household conditions. All standard bumpers displayed here are available in our ready-to-ship inventory and can be shipped as required.

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