Beaded Nylon Cable Ties

Beaded cable ties are used to tie bundles of wires and cables in a network or electrical setup. They help safeguard the wires and organize the cable network. Electrical Basics offers four sizes of standard beaded cable ties made of both natural nylon 6/6 material as well as UV black nylon 6/6 material for outdoor applications (sun and weather resistant). Our standard beaded zip ties are available in lengths from 4.75" to 11", while the bundle diameters range from 1/8" to 3". Do check our collection of reusable beaded cable ties that’ll help you decide the suitable color, length, and bundle diameter for your application.

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    Beneficial Features of Beaded Cable Ties Provided by Electrical Basics

    We offer various types of beaded cable ties in standard and custom dimensions. Here are some beneficial features of beaded zip ties.

    • Our beaded cable tie has an interlocking feature for applications where it needs to be released and used again. The beads are smooth and round to protect the wire’s insulation and has a locking head that is tight and secure.
    • It is quite easy to add or remove cables in a zip tied bundle. You can remove the zip tie and reuse it as well. Our zip ties have the beads closely spaced which eases tying the bundles and releasing them.
    • These beaded cable ties are quite easy to install and do not require any tools as such, other than for cutting at the required length.
    • We offer them in various colors such as natural, black, white, red, and so on. They can be made available in custom colors.
    • Our beaded cable ties find applications across sectors, such as tagging products in retail, securing bundles for cable management, for identification and labeling in packaging, and so on.
    • Aside from regular beaded ties, we also offer beaded releasable cable ties with a push button mount.

    Electrical Basics is an absolutely reliable partner in terms of product quality, fast turnaround times, and meeting custom requirements. Our reusable beaded cable ties are reasonably priced and we offer the best deals on bulk purchases. Our packaging comprises 1000 pieces per bag as most clients require them in bulk. Feel free to reach us via email or phone in case you have any questions regarding our beaded cable ties. Place your order today!

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