Beaded Cable Ties and Their Electrical Applications

Beaded nylon cable ties are truly unique when compared to all other types of cable tie designs. They are made out of natural nylon or UV black nylon depending on where they will be used to label items or to manage wire and cables.

This lesser known specialty cable tie features a beaded design. This unique composition allows the cable ties to be releasable and used again and again. The beads have been smoothed and rounded to protect the wire’s insulation, while the positive locking head will stay secure. Its close bead spacing can accommodate all bundle sizes and make releasing the tie easy.

Nylon beaded cable ties can be cut off to adjust the length, but are most often ordered by length so it is unnecessary to cut off part of the cable tie.

The Various Uses For Nylon Beaded Cable Ties

While this particular cable tie is often used to manage wire bundles, harnesses, and other electrical applications, they are also frequently used to tag. The labelled items may include: industrial machinery, hospital and medical equipment, farm machinery and implements.

You may have also seen these beaded cable ties used to feature pricing or product information on larger retail products such as lawn and garden products or specialty kitchen and restaurant equipment. In addition, plumbers, electrical contractors, and heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals use nylon beaded cable ties to label furnaces, hot water heaters, water softeners, heat pumps, water pumps, iron filters, security systems, and more.

Caring for Your Beaded Cable Ties

Though beaded cable ties are made to last, you need to be careful to store them correctly. Nylon beaded cable ties should be kept in a dry and cool area to stop the cable ties from oxidizing or decomposing. The beaded cable ties’ shape can also morph if there is extreme pressure on them because thin cable ties are more capable of bending.

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