Polyethylene Cord Ties

Polyethylene cord ties are simple and easy-to-use tying tools for holding cables or wires together. They are lightweight, flexible, and durable ties that find applications across industries and homes. At Electrical Basics, we offer two sizes of polyethylene cord ties offered in natural nylon 6/6 material. These polyethylene cord ties are reusable and can be used multiple times before discarding them. We offer those most commonly in natural color or as per the client requirements. They are available in a package of 1000 per bag. These cords are useful in industrial network applications in managing the cables and wires and may be used for hanging lightweight products or binding them in domestic or home projects. Our polyethylene cable ties are RoHS compliant. Do check our collection and avail some of the best polyethylene cable ties from us for any of your new projects as well as industrial applications!

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    Beneficial Features of Polyethylene Cord Ties Provided by Electrical Basics

    We offer various types of polyethylene cable ties in standard and custom specifications. All of these find applications in industrial wiring, remodeling, and electrical installation as well as construction projects. Here are some beneficial features of our polyethylene cable ties.

    • Our standard length for cable ties ranges between 2 and 6 inches, while the bundle diameter ranges between 1.1 and 1.5 inches.
    • While we have standard dimensions for bundle diameters and wire lengths, we are experts at customizing the same based on client specification.
    • Our cord ties made of PE are super resistant to heat and can withstand harsh networking environments.
    • Since, most of our clients buy in bulk, we offer packages of 1000 units per bag.


    ITEM NO.
    COLOR: Natural
    PACKAGING: 1000 per bag
    MATERIAL: Polyethylene

    ITEM NO. L1
    inches (mm)
    inches (mm)
    inches (mm)
    Maximum Bundle Diam.
    inches (mm)
    EBCT-02-20-20 2.76 (70.0) 4.25 (108.0) 4.92 (125.0) 1.18 (30.0)
    EBCT-02-20-30 3.94 (100.0) 5.24 (133.0) 5.91 (150.0) 1.50 (38.0)

    Electrical Basics offers premium quality polyethylene cable ties, and you can be rest assured in terms of quality for various electrical applications. We have a fair pricing policy and offer the best deals on bulk purchases. Our polyethylene cord ties are used by network administrators, DIY enthusiasts, and professional electricians. We have these ties almost in various configurations almost always present in our inventory, and hence is available for immediate shipment or as required. Feel free to reach us via email or phone in case you have any questions regarding these cable ties. We will be happy to assist you with the selection process as well.