Spade Terminals

Insulated spade terminals. We also offer vinyl insulated, nylon insulated and heat shrink insulated ring, spade, butt and several disconnect styles of insulated terminals.

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    Spade Terminals
    The spade terminal looks similar to a fork or spade, and its open end shape allows you to quickly set screws in place. You’ll want to choose a spade terminal that is compatible with the wire amperage and insulation properties that will work best for your application. First you should determine the size of the wire and the type of insulation properties you will need for a safe electrical connection.

    Spade Terminals are used in different ways:

    • Insulated Vinyl terminals have a tinned plated copper body and tinned copper wire support with a PVC (plastic) barrel.
    • Insulated Nylon terminals are a more rugged option over vinyl because it provides higher temperature resistance and is resistant to solvents
    • Heat shrink terminals are used where wire connections are subject to outdoor or environmental exposure such as moisture and temperature differences.

    Find out more about spade terminals and determine the insulation options best suited to your application…