Up your DIY game with Colored Zip Tie Hacks

Colored Zip Tie DIY Hacks
Colored zip ties are a vital tool, having multiple possible applications from securing cables and wires in commercial and industrial facilities to providing a temporary handle for broken furniture at your home. Organizing your cables with colored zip ties also help organize your workspace, making it easier to find the correct cord when needed. Plus, heavy duty zip ties are so durable that they can also be used in a range of emergency situations. Wondering what these situations could be? Keep reading this post to learn amazing zip tie hack ideas that you will wish you would know earlier - ranging from creating a makeshift keychain to constructing an emergency shelter! Get ready to explore these DIY possibilities with heavy duty zip ties and releasable cable ties.

List of Amazing Hacks with Heavy Duty Zip Ties

Zip ties can come in handy for a variety of at-home DIY and home improvement projects. The below list will give you inspirational ideas for getting creative using these heavy duty zip ties in several scenarios :

1. Phone Rest :

Cable Tie Hack To Make Phone Stand

Image Courtesy: familyhandyman

It can be challenging to refer to recipes or plans, or watch videos on your phone without holding it. A simple solution is to affix two cable ties around your device with the ends of the ties facing downwards. This will prop up your phone and make it easy for you to watch videos or scroll without holding it for a long time.

2. Support Plants :

Releasable cable ties are an inexpensive and efficacious tool that can be used in a variety of gardening purposes. One of the most popular uses for these versatile tools is to support climbing plants. By attaching zip ties to a trellis or fence, you can create a support system for climbing a variety of plants such as ivy, roses, pumpkins or tomatoes.

3. Attach Bottles :
attach Water bottle with cable tie to bagpack
Image Courtesy: 99boulders

Zip ties are helpful for those with space constraints when traveling and require a water bottle along. Attach the bottle to your backpack using the ties and carabiner in a matter of seconds. This is an easy way to have more convenient access to your drink during travel.

4. Lamp Decor :Zip Tie Lamp
Image Courtesy: instructables

Despite of their traditional functional purposes, zip ties also have a more decorative application. With the right selection of colors, you can make your own unique lampshade. It will take patience and effort to build multiple layers with colored zip ties but it may be well worth it for an interesting DIY or home improvement purpose.

5. Ring for Keys :

zip tie with key

Image Courtesy: thekrazycouponlady

You know, releasable cable ties can serve as a useful substitute for key rings. This way of managing keys is great when you required to separate sets and distribute spares to others. With this hack, you won’t have to worry about losing any of your keys as it makes sure that keys are secured in place.

6. Cabinet Childproofing :

childproof zip ties

Image Courtesy: Katy Rank Lev

To help keep children’s curious hands away, it is highly recommended using zip ties as a clever childproofing hack. This easy-to-use method locks cabinet handles together, thus preventing little ones from exploring the cupboards. It's an effective quick solution for keeping your kitchen and other areas of your home safe from wandering kids.

7. Curtain Rings :

Curtain ring with Zip Ties
You can create your own rust-free curtain rings using zip ties. This inexpensive and straightforward process quickly produces a stylish addition to any window. Start by cutting a zip tie into two pieces, then shape the cut end of each piece into a small loop with pliers. Do this for as many loops as needed for your curtains. When you have all the loops ready, thread them onto your curtain rod in whatever arrangement you like, ensuring they fit snugly yet comfortably around the rod.

8. Utility Tool Hanger :

zip tie to organize tools

Image Courtesy: instructables

Colored zip ties are a helpful way to organize your tools and equipment. You can use them to hang everything from hammers and screwdrivers to wrenches, sockets and utility knife. Not only do colored zip ties help you keep your tools organized, but they also make it easy to find the tool you need when you are in a hurry. No more searching through a tool box or workbench for the right tool; all you need is just grab the colored zip tie that corresponds to the tool you need and you are good to go.

While they may not seem like much, zip ties are actually one of the most versatile and handy tools you can have in a good quantity at your home and office space. From binding together loose cords to temporarily repairing a broken strap on your bag, the ties can be used in a variety of situations. Also, if you have a bunch of different colors of zip ties, even better! You can use different colors to distinguish between different types of cords, or to create a temporary marker system. For example, you could use red zip ties for cables that need to be powered off, yellow for ones that are still live, and green for ones that are safe to handle.

So next time you're feeling creative, grab a bunch of zip ties from prominent store like Electrical Basics and see what you can make.