Standard - Colored / Fluorescent Cable Ties

Standard fluorescent cable ties are used in various applications due to their ease of installation and versatility. These nylon strips are flexible and possess teeth-like ridges on one side and a ratchet on the other side. The ridges on the strip engage with the ratchet, locking the tie in place. This effectively keeps the cables secured. At Electrical Basics, we offer a wide range of standard fluorescent cable ties for different electrical or non-electrical applications. Our standard-colored and fluorescent-colored cable ties/zip ties are available in 8 solid colors and five fluorescent color options. These standard colored and fluorescent-colored cable ties/zip ties are available in 7.5", 11.2", and 14.5" lengths and each with a 50 LB tensile strength.

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    Features of Standard-Colored / Fluorescent Cable Ties

    Fluorescent cable ties are a highly visible, durable, and versatile solution for managing cables and wires in different environments. The following features of our colored cable ties make them one of the most effective solutions for electrical applications:

    • Our standard fluorescent cable ties are resilient, durable, heat-resistant, and ductile.
    • They are made of nylon 6/6 material, which is resilient when used in indoor and outdoor applications.
    • Nylon 6/6 composition assures high melting point, excellent abrasion resistance, and superior colorfastness and can resist fungi, chemicals, molds, mildew, and chemicals.
    • Our standard fluorescent cable ties possess 50 LB tensile strength.
    • These cable ties are offered in a bag of 100.
    • Our standard colored cable ties meet RoHS compliance and are UL-recognized / CSA approved, and hence, you can rely on them.