Standard Size Nylon Cable Ties

Standard Size Nylon cable ties are designed for managing cables and wires in electrical installation projects. These standard cable ties are also known as zip ties, hose ties, and so on. Electrical Basics provides a wide range of standard cable ties made from nylon 6/6, providing 50 LB tensile strength. The ties come in natural as well as UV black colors, which make them suitable for outdoor applications (sun and weather resistant). We offer sizes ranging from 6.25"" to 36"", allowing for bundle diameters from 1/16"" to 10.5"". Browse our selection to find the right plastic cable tie for your application.

Features of Standard Size Nylon Cable Ties

The following features of our standard nylon zip ties have contributed to their increasing use in electrical applications.

  • Nylon zip ties can perform well in challenging work environments where they may be exposed to wide range of temperatures.
  • The low insertion force and smooth, rounded edges of plastic cable ties make them easy to install without damaging wires or other delicate materials.
  • Our standard nylon zip ties have a low profile head design that reduces the chance of snagging during installation or removal.
  • The self-locking teeth of plastic cable ties provide a secure grip that will not loosen over time.
  • The double-locking system of these cable management solutions ensures that they can be reused and repositioned as needed.
  • Our range of nylon zip ties are RoHS compliant and come with UL94V-flame classification.
  • They are UV resistant, which ensure that the tie does not degrade in sunlight.
  • They have a good amount of flexibility and this will help to prevent them from breaking or snapping under tension.
  • These standard nylon zip ties come in 1000 piece bags.



Specifications of Natural and UV Resistant Standard Size Nylon Cable Ties

All standard size nylon cable ties are available in natural and UV black color. We provide these nylon cable ties in the following specifications.

COLOR: Natural Black UV Stabilized
See Table
MATERIAL: Nylon 66 Nylon 66
UL No. E41938 E190851

Bundle Diameter
Approx. Length
Width (Ref.)
Min. Loop Tensile
Pack Size
Natural Black
EBCT-02-02-650-N EBCT-02-02-650-UVB 1/16-1.5 (2.0-42.0) 6.25 (160) .187 (4.8) 50 (22.7) 1000
EBCT-02-02-750-N EBCT-02-02-750-UVB 1/16-2 (2.0-55.0) 8.0 (203) .180 (4.6)
EBCT-02-02-1150-N EBCT-02-02-1150-UVB 1/16-3.0 (2.0-81.0) 11.0 (280) .187 (4.8)
EBCT-02-02-1450-N EBCT-02-02-1450-UVB 1/16-4.0 (2.0-102.0) 14.5 (368) .180 (4.6)
EBCT-02-02-1550-N EBCT-02-02-1550-UVB 1/16-4.5 (2.0-116.0) 15.2 (385) .187 (4.8)
EBCT-02-02-1750-N EBCT-02-02-1750-UVB 1/16-5.0 (2.0-130.0) 17.75 (450) .187 (4.8)
EBCT-02-02-3650-N EBCT-02-02-3650-UVB 1/16-10.5 (2.0-270.0) 36.0 (914) .187 (4.8)

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