Use Tap Splicers to Connect Electrical Wires


Splice tap connectors make it possible to add a new wire. Splice Tap Connectors are vinyl plastic termination devices that are used to make quick splices or connections using two or more pieces of wire that are within the recommended wire range of the tap splice. A splice connector is a vinyl plastic wire termination device that has a sharp metal insert which safely cuts through the plastic insulating jackets of two wires and crimps them together. The splice connector is then closed to securely hold the wire connections together.


Tap Splicers are also referred to as Quick Splicers and are designed for use with electrical wires, some telephone wiring and other electrical device wires. A very common example for the use for these tap splice connectors is for automotive trailer wiring applications when a quick and secure connection is needed. Tap splice connectors are available in various AWG wire sizes, wire combinations and colors to match AWG wire sizes. Tap splices are an inexpensive and safe way to connect an existing wire to a new wire without soldering them together.

What does a Tap Splice Connector do?
Tap slice connectors are designed to feed an existing wire and a new clean cut end of another wire into it. When the metal portion of the tap splice is pressed down, it cuts into both wires and establishes a connection between the two wires. The plastic casing folds over and securely holds the wires, without stripping the insulation jacket, to make a tight and clean connection between the wires. The connection is completed when the tap casing is closed and crimped tightly.

Tap splicing is a reliable way of connecting two wires of the same wire gauge. It is an easy and effective way of splicing wires that are commonly used in many electrical applications. To make it easy to find the right tap splicer you need, Electrical Basics provides a variety of sizes that are CSA listed for safety, with a high temperature rating up to 220 F.

How a Tap Splice Connector Secures Electrical Connections
A tap splice has two chambers, one on each end that is designed to securely hold two wires within the connector. To correctly make a tap splice you’ll need to place each of the wires into a separate chamber, parallel to the length of the connector. You’ll then need to close the tap splice cover carefully so that each wire inserts touches each wire. While holding the wires and tap splicers in position, you can carefully close the cover and clamp it together, slowly and carefully, with a pair of pliers. Squeezing the pliers forces the metal insert into the connector. This pressure will squeeze the wires through a gap at the center as it penetrates the connector. The pressure from the pliers at the splice connection will cut through the two wires and clamp together to create a secure splice connection. You should then tug on the wires to make sure a tight connection is made and the wires are securely attached to the connector. Repeat this process for all wire connections you may need for your electrical wiring project, making sure that only wires within the recommended gauge range of the tap splice connector are used.

After the secured spliced cables are connected, you should tie the cables together with a plastic zip tie or use electrical tape to prevent the splice connections from being pulled apart. Wrap the zip tie or use electrical tape around the bottom of the stripped insulation jacket of both cables and you can help to further secure the installation. You can then trim off the excess of the zip tie end with a pair of scissors if using this method.

Different color tap splices indicate which wire gauge you should use:


Tap Splices Vinyl Yellow AWG 12-10


Tap Splices Vinyl Blue AWG 16-14


Tap Splices Vinyl Red AWG 22-18

Anytime you need to create a new wire connection you should always think about safety first. Before you begin any wire connection with a tap slice you should:

1. Turn of the power at the circuit box before you begin.
2. Only splice wires together that are the same gauge.
3. Make sure to follow all local electrical codes.

Tap splice connectors are a reliable way to perform quick connections for safe, secure and solderless wire connections on AWG wires. Using this type of connector is a great way to create long lasting electrical connections in many types of electrical applications.

If you have any questions about making tap splice connections, or which tap splice connector you need for your project, call the experts at Electrical Basics at 877-947-8437. We’ll help you to determine the right tap splice connector to use for your electrical wiring situation.