Tap Splices Vinyl Red 22-18 AWG (100/Bag)

Tap Splices Vinyl Red 22-18 AWG (100/Bag)

Item #: EBTM-18-QSR-2218-C

Tap Splices Vinyl Red 22-18 AWG (100/Bag)

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Tap Splice Connectors Red, for AWG 22-18 are designed to splice electrical wires together without needing to cut or solder the wires. Quick splicers are fast and easy, simply insert two wire ends into the tap splicer and add pressure. A tap splicer is an inline wire tap that quickly connects two wire ends together by inserting a clean cut wire end and an existing wire end into the tap splice connector. The plastic strap folds over the wires and clips to hold the metal bit securely in place. When adding pressure, the splicer cuts into both wires and forms a connection across the 2 wires.

Red Tap Splicers are quick splice connectors of 22 -18 AWG wires:
  • Fits AWG wires within tap splicer range
  • Can connect old wires to new wires
  • Metal bit cuts through plastic wire insulation
  • Plastic casing folds over and crimps together to securely hold wires
  • Creates a single flow of electrical current
  • High temperature rating up to 220 F.
  • 100 pc bag
If you have reservations about handling electricity, please consult with a professional electrician.
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