Use Push In Wire Connectors to Save Time and Space

When thinking about wiring in your home or business there is trust that your electrical wires are in good operational order. This is certainly true if you’ve had your wiring evaluated recently, preferably by a licensed electrician. Not all structures are electrically sound, and since safety is the biggest concern associated with electrical wiring, there are a number of benefits to using push in wire connectors.


Benefits of Electrical Basics Push In Wire Connectors over Traditional Methods
1.) It takes only seconds to prep the wires by stripping just a small section of insulation
2.) Each wire is inserted into one hole of the connector and is easily pushed into place
3.) Is faster and easier than older wiring methods that use a single wire nut
4.) Multiple port connectors means you can quickly add multiple wires to a single unit
5.) The multi-wiring port units prevent overloading
6.) Saves space by combining wires to a single, easy to install unit
7.) Push-in wire connectors are available with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8 ports

Yellow Push In Wire Connectors
Orange Push In Wire Connectors
White Push In Wire Connectors
Blue Push In Wire Connectors
Red Push In Wire Connectors
Black Push In Wire Connectors

How Push In Connectors Work
Push in connectors are a new style of connector, meaning that you can simply strip a minimal amount of insulation from the wire before inserting it into one of the holes in the connector. Once in place, the wire is permanently locked into place. There is a release feature that allows the wire to be removed and reinserted if necessary.

Each Push In Connector must still be used in an approved electrical box, enclosure or light fixture. Using NEC approved devices for electrical wiring is important not only for safety, but is required in order to pass inspection from your municipality. Before installing any electrical device you should check with your local code board to see if it has been approved for use.

Be Prepared and Work Safely
Before starting any electrical installation, make sure the power is turned OFF.
One way to provide safety measures is to use electrical testers including battery testers, continuity testers, receptacle testers and electrical voltage testers that are easy to use for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers. Each project can be completed faster and more safely if you have the proper electrical tools for installation such as wire strippers and crimpers. And, it is always beneficial to have additional wire connectors and terminals on hand in order to complete your project.

Circuit Tester
Stripper Crimper Tool Kit

Meeting Safety Regulations of the NEC
In order to meet guidelines and safety regulations such as the requirements imposed by the NEC (National Electric Code), it states that all wires must be spliced with devices that are intended for its’ particular use. The connection can be soldered, brazed or mechanical when completed, but whatever form it takes, the splice must be mechanically and electrically secure. The joints and any free wires must be protected by insulation of some form.

This is where the push in wire connectors provide the biggest benefit. The contained unit not only hold wires securely in place, but it also provides an encapsulated housing that protects not only from electrical disturbances, but is also a form of insulation to the electrical wire ends.

Features of Electrical Basics Push In Wire Connectors:
• Uses UL94V-2 flame retardant material
• Voltage rating: 600V maximum
• Handles wire combinations from #12 to #22 gauge solid & stranded wiring

Electrical Basics provides a complete offering of electrical push in connectors to serve the electronics marketplace. Our quality products and commitment to customer satisfaction have made us a leader in the electrical and electronics industries. Call us at 877-947-8437 for more information about Push In Connectors and other products that provide solutions to fit your electrical needs.