Adjustable Cable Clamps / Wire Clips

Cable clamps are mechanical devices or clips used to route cabling installations. Mostly made of a polymer such as nylon, they are designed to be robust and withstand harsh operating environments. They secure surface mounting of cables at regular intervals or as required throughout the network. Electrical Basics offers a variety of bundle diameters of adjustable cable clamps. Our nylon cable clamps are easy to use and durable to withstand harsh network environments, including elevated temperatures. They are suitable for a multitude of cable-associated functions such as locking, securing, or releasing cables safely when rerouting or expanding cable networks. These amazing tools facilitate perfect wire installation and overall cable network management.

Features of Adjustable Plastic Clamps We Offer

There are several beneficial features of our adjustable plastic clamps. Here are some relevant pointers.

1. We offer a variety of nylon cable clamps such as snap-close, snap-in, and ratchet clamps used in many types of cable management installations.
2. They have an adjustable lock closure.
3. Even with a secure locking system, our clamps can also be released easily in case you want to reroute or change the cable bundles.
4. All our clamps are UL94V listed.
5. Our clamps are made of nylon 66 material which is durable and has a high resistance for heat, corrosion, moisture, and so on.
6. These are adhesive-backed clamps that can be easily attached to wooden or metallic surfaces and walls. They eliminate the need for drilling holes and using screws and related hardware to secure the cable bundles.
7. These clamps are safe and easy to use and offer physical comfort to the operator when assembling cables in a network installation.
8. Our nylon cable clamps have a long-lasting adhesive backup that holds up to the applied stress or force.
9. They have a wide operating temperature range from -40 to 185°F and can withstand extreme humidity.
10. Our clamps are sturdy and hence reusable. Nylon6/6 as a material is durable and yet flexible and hence easy to open and close during mounting applications.
11. We mostly offer them in neutral or natural colors and in bundle diameters based on your requirement.


Applications of Adjustable Cable Clamps

Our adhesive-backed cable clips find various applications across industries as well as residential and commercial segments. We have been regularly delivering them to the following segments:

1. Electrical devices contractors
2. Electrical OEMs
3. System integrators
4. Network administrators
5. HVAC system manufacturers
6. Sign makers
7. Electricians

If you require nylon cable clamps for your network application or any wire installation project, you can absolutely trust Electrical Basics in terms of quality and meeting the exact requirement. We offer a broad collection of these nylon cable clamps which are UL listed and hence of premium quality. We can help you with the selection process and answer any relevant questions you may have about these clamps. If you want to share your requirements with us or have any further questions, you can reach us via phone or email.


As part of its broad selection of wire management products Electrical Basics offers (3) sizes of adjustable nylon cable clamps in natural nylon 6/6 material. These adjustable nylon cable clamps with adhesive back are part of the extensive line of adhesive backed plastic clamps and clips offered by Electrical Basics.

  • Smooth outer edge reduces stress to operator during initial assembly
  • Locks securely yet releasable to remove or change bundles routed
  • Adhesive backed
  • Material: UL94V-2 (E53664)
  • For part EBCC-04-08-408-BK only: UL94V-2 (E41938)
  • UL94V-0 (E41797)

COLOR: Natural
PACKAGING: 100 per bag
MATERIAL: Nylon 66

Bundle Dia. Range
inches (mm)
inches (mm)
EBCC-04-08-008 - .220-.260 (5.5-6.5) 0.85 (21.6) .39 (10.0) .650 (16.5) .710 (18.0)
EBCC-04-08-108 EBCC-04-08-108X .311-.406 (7.9-10.3) 1.00 (25.4) .402 (10.2) .752 (19.1) .874 (22.2)
EBCC-04-08-208 EBCC-04-08-208X .469-.563 (11.9-14.3) 1.25 (31.8) .402 (10.2) .752 (19.1) 1.09 (27.8)
EBCC-04-08-308 EBCC-04-08-308X .579-752 (14.7-19.1) 1.50 (38.1) .500 (12.7) .752 (19.1) 1.25 (31.8)
EBCC-04-08-408-BK - .760-.940 (19.3-23.8) 1.75 (44.5) .500 (12.7) 1.00 (25.4) 1.70 (43.2)