Spiral Wrap

Spiral wrap is a great way to keep your wires organized while also being visually appealing. This particular wrap is a product for wire management that holds bundles of wires, hoses and cable in a secure section. The expandable tube allows for an adequate amount of wire freedom while still keeping them organized and without unnecessary pressure. 

Spiral wrap (also referred to as spiral cable wrap and spiral tubing) is spiraled plastic that can be wrapped around wires. It’s commonly used in electrical work because an excess of wires can get messy and confusing to navigate, but spiral wrap can be used in lots of other instances. For example, many users spiral wrap their bike cables to keep the handlebar area neat and to limit pressure on the cables. These wraps are a great alternative to cable ties that can exert pressure onto wires that need to be more flexible. Spiral wrap is more freeing for wires that need to be moved often while remaining sleek as well. Another benefit of utilizing spiral wrap is that it comes in nearly every color imaginable. However, you can always use black for a professional finish. 

Spiral wrapping can keep curious pets from chewing through your wires, people from tripping over tangled cords and protects cables from everyday wear and tear. It’s easy to separate individual cables from the bundle at any time. Spiral wrap is perfect for work and home offices to manage computer wires and is a favorite of electricians and contractors because it is easy to break out a specific cable rather than spending time running cables. 

To use spiral wrap, simply wrap one end of the cut tubing around your desired bundle of wires, cables, or hoses and make your way down the length of the bundle. After this is completed, feel free to arrange this wrap behind furniture, computers, an entertainment system or any other area. You won’t have to worry about any of the components disconnecting from their base. 

If you’re looking for a creative yet professional way of keeping your cables uncluttered, try our forward cut spiral wrap options today. The forward cut is sometimes referred to as a right cut or right hand spiral wrap because it is cut in a clockwise direction with a uniformed distance between cuts (or pitch). It comes in 100 feet per package so that you can use it for multiple applications and we our nylon spiral wrap can withstand up to 200 degrees F while our black spiral wrap is UV resistant.

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