Use Wire Connectors to Fasten Wires or Cables Together

Wire connectors are extensively used for making a secure connection between two or more electrical wires or cables.  Electrical Basics is your single source for connectors that are easy to use and highly dependable. Perfect for residential and commercial uses, Electrical Basics offers superior quality, high performance and versatile connectors.

We give you plenty of choices; choose the best among our product line as per your personal preferences and specific applications. For several decades, we have been offering fasteners in various configurations to ease your job and make efficient connections. With us, you will find the following categories of wire connectors.

  • STANDARD & HIGH TEMP SCREW-ON CONNECTORS – Suitable for wire combinations ranging from #10 to #22 gauge.
  • ECONOMY SCREW-ON CONNECTORS – Ideal for handling wire combinations ranging from #10 to #22 gauge.
  • WING-TYPE SCREW-ON CONNECTORS – Perfect for covering wire combinations from #8 to #22 gauge.
  • PUSH-IN WIRE CONNECTORS – Apt for managing wire combinations from # 12 gauge solid and stranded wire to # 22 gauge solid and stranded wire.
  • NYLON PIGTAIL CONNECTORS CLOSED END CONNECTORS – Appropriate for applications that are subject to vibration. These wire connectors can handle wire combinations ranging from # 10 to # 22 gauge.
All these categories of connectors are suitable for remodeling, new construction and new installations. We have created a user friendly website to provide you all the information regarding products that you are looking for. Please visit our website to see the subcategories of wire connectors to use in your specific applications. Each fastening type has its own features; hence, we recommend you to read the information available on the website before making a purchase decision.

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