Adjustable Cable Clamps are key to good Cable Management

Adjustable Cable Clamps with Ratcheting Features      

Adjustable cable clamps are utilized when you need to create a pathway for wires and cables to align groups in a precise, stable arrangement. A well designed pathway is done to improve wire connections and to create efficiencies for wire and rack mounting. An adjustable cable clamp is a preformed, nylon or plastic mounting piece that has a flexible clip on one end which is connected to a ratchet feature. 

These adhesive backed adjustable cable clamps are formed from a single piece of resilient material that is durable as well as flexible. The top clip slides into the ratchet to engage and interlock, forming a coupled loop that binds and secures the cables to form pathways that meet the requirements for safe wire installations.

The purpose of using a flexible mounting product such as the standard  adjustable cable clips and clamps is they have the ability to hold and control multiple cables. There are five sizes which allow you to create a cable management solution for any wiring application. A broad range of bundle diameters can be handled, and the clamps can be opened up, to add or subtract cables to the wire routing pathway, providing a professional cable management solution. 

Most cable management plans usually require wires to be cross sectioned, and by using the compressive force of a ratchet clamp, it is easy to fill the new circular opening in the clips. When forcing the clips together, the ratchet catches onto the slotted leg, thus providing flexible settings to engage a secure and stable mounting application. It is a great way to save space as multiple cables can be compressed into a rectangular cross-section area, instead of just aligning the cables in a more free style arrangement. And, even when the cables are securely bound, they can still easily be routed through bends and other obstacles without breaking.

Adjustable Cable Clamps are great for Wire Installation

An adjustable cable clamp with and adhesive back is an important product in wire installations. The one piece ratcheting clip is used for attaching multiple or single cables and wires to a fixed support. The clamps’ clip-like feature has a base portion and a ratchet member that forms an enclosing loop around the cables. The ratchet feature gives you the ability to tighten and bind the wires in a secured position for many types of applications and uses. These clamps are used for the positioning and routing of cable pathways in wire management installations. 

It is best to connect wires to device terminals with a cable management plan in mind. Not only should you have a plan for wire management design and installation, but you’ll need to know how to do effective wire preparation, such as knowing the proper way to strip, bend and tighten connections that will provide safe and functional electrical connections for many years. Adjustable ratchet clamps from Electrical Basics are effective when used in electrical wire management, and when needed, you can use adhesive back adjustable cable clamps for mounting to surfaces that are difficult or impossible to penetrate. 

Cable Management is about Organization
Cable management is a strategy that is used to identify wires and organize the placement of these cables and wires. A good cable management plan will route wires to appropriate areas and provide secure wire installations to prevent interruptions. It is important that you know the proper way to strip a wire, but you’ll also need to use a stable clamp mounting with an adhesive base that will allow you the flexibility to bend and tighten these connections. The goal in cable management is to provide cable installation that is organized, identifiable and easily accessible for maintenance. 

Remove Any Safety Hazards
Loose cable wires that are not mounted with a tight bond at the source of the surface not only looks bad, but is a safety hazard. Adjustable nylon cable clamps are a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to bundle cords and cables together to keep them out of the way. It’s an effective solution you can use to tighten up slack, keep wires away from fire hazards, and prevent personal injuries which can all cause damage to wire connections.

Getting Help
If you are planning to install new wires or cables yourself, it is helpful to know the safest way to do it. You can work with an experienced electrician, or look up the National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements, which lists adoptable standards for the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment.

If you need additional suggestions for your cable management needs, Call Electrical Basics. Our expertise and wide selection of products will ensure that you get the tools you need for safe and effective cable management.

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