Bumpers & Feet Protect Surfaces

Bumpers & Feet are a great way to protect surfaces in many areas of your home or business. Bumpers and feet are commonly used as cabinet stops, door stops, rubber feet for furniture, and surface protectors on many types of materials. Bumpers are used in mechanical and industrial applications to reduce vibration and movement in equipment and provide stability on uneven surfaces. They also prevent rigid parts from converging and damaging one another. Whether you need to protect commercial products, or use them in manufacturing applications, you’ll want to keep a supply on hand to replace damaged or missing bumpers and feet before damage is done to any surfaces.

You can see and use bumpers and feet everywhere, although you may not realize how important it is to use them. Whether these bumpers and feet are for OEM, Replacement or Household use we encounter them daily on the bases and backsides of our computers, printers, calculators, receiver boxes, traditional phones and many other appliances and electronics. Recently we have found quite a few people using the adhesive backed bumpers on the backs of their I phones and androids as well as their tablets and ipads to provide additional stability when placed on slippery and uneven surfaces.

Bumpers and feet also prevent rigid parts from converging and damaging one another. Different sizes and shapes are available and each have your choice of low, medium or high energy absorption properties. The bumpers and feet we supply have excellent resilience in a variety of temperature applications, and are resistant to humidity and chemicals with no material degradation. Bumpers & Feet are made from durable rubber making them tear resistant, and they have a high resistance to chemicals, making them perfect for use in industrial and manufacturing facilities.

You can choose to quickly and safely attach urethane bumpers and feet with a self-adhesive backing stick on style, or use screw on, rivet or push in bumpers to make a more permanent attachment.

Bumpers & Feet are used for a variety of reasons:

  • To absorb shock from vibrating equipment
  • Provide stability with uneven surfaces
  • Separate contact points between materials
  • Prohibit contact of surface to surface materials
  • Cover sharp edges
  • Used as door stops and drawer stops
  • Protects floors from furniture feet

Let’s look at the options available to determine the best one to use for your application.

Adhesive Backed Bumpers & Feet – Stick On
Adhesive backed urethane bumpers on pads are manufactured of polyurethane that doesn’t scratch, skid or discolor any surface. These stick on bumpers and feet are used to diminish vibrations, prevent skidding and protect surfaces from scratches, such as flooring materials.

Urethane bumpers come in a variety of shapes such as cylindrical, square and tapered square, and hemisphere and are designed to fit most applications. Adhesive back urethane bumpers are useful in the home for the same purpose, to balance and support appliances and equipment found all around the home. An extensive selection of bumpers and feet is needed to meet all of the size and shape needs for all types of application. Electrical Basics has options that are perfect for contractors, OEM’s, technicians, hobbyists as well as ‘do it yourself’ individuals.


Screw On or Rivet Mount
Screw-on and rivet two piece bumpers are used to protect parts and finished products from damage and overuse. When bumpers require a permanent solution, a screw on bumpers is used. It is fastened with a bolt, rivet, or screw through the rubber feet and a threaded stem connects the two pieces. This system is simple to use and makes installation fast and easy.

Screw-on feet provide excellent skid resistance and reduces noise as it absorbs shock with its high adhesion to the floor. The screw on mounted feet are also a great option to use on equipment, appliances, furniture and machinery to provide stability and clearance.


Because of the many shapes you can find bumpers and feet that will fit just about every need. Round, square, rectangle, and hemisphere shapes screw on and rivet mounted feet are commonly used as feet on housewares and small appliances, but they can also be used in the home as spacers, door stops and a glide stop.

Quick Mount Two Piece Feet - Push In Bumpers
Push in bumpers and rubber feet are fast and easy to install and are also a great way to prevent damage to surfaces. Push in bumpers are installed quickly because they are snapped into place to pre-drilled holes. The push in bumpers and feet can be used on a wide variety of appliances, cabinets, housings and other equipment applications to provide additional stability, clearance and reduces the impact of heavy appliances, equipment and housings on floors and other supporting surfaces.

There are a wide range of sizes and styles because there are so many uses for bumpers and feet. The greatest benefit is that it prevents damage to surfaces. These inexpensive parts can save you a lot of money by preventing damage to floors, doors, cabinets, and more. Push in bumpers are designed to make insertion easy whether you are using a tapered, step, or round lead style. Pressing the two pieces together securely holds the nylon bumper, and the tight fit also prevents the entry of air and liquid.


For example, easy and fast installation makes push in bumpers a popular choice with metal fabricators. They are used to prevent metal-to-metal or surface-to-surface contact in door jambs, under equipment legs and between moving parts of equipment in a manufacturing facility.

You can now see that bumpers and feet are ideal for protecting surfaces, and that they are useful in the home as well as in business. Finding the right one for your application is easy, just call Electrical Basics and we will help you to determine the best option for your needs!