Colored Cable Ties for Cable Management

As an electrician, you know that cable organization is important for not only the current task, but any future jobs as well. The way you bundle cables can make or break the overall aesthetic quality of your work which can be the difference between a customer requesting your services again or never hearing from them again.

Why You Should Care About Cable Management
Cable management, an electrical service, is the utilization of equipment to secure cables to a surface. Securing cables prevents “cable spaghetti”—cables that are tangled which makes them difficult to distinguish during electrical work. Cable spaghetti can result in the wrong cable being unplugged or worse, cables being bent out of shape affecting their function. Leaving cables disorganized makes the initial finished product look less than stellar and it will also make a mess of any subsequent electrical maintenance.

Using Colored and Fluorescent Cable Ties for Cable Management
While you will often work on cables of different colors, it can still be a headache to remember which cable is which if you ever need to return to a previous job for upkeep. To make the distinction easier, consider using colored or fluorescent cable ties. Colored cable ties can be used to efficiently secure wire bundles and to harness electrical components. Be sure to choose heavy duty cables ties to avoid the common splitting that most ties suffer from. These cable ties can also withstand temperatures on both ends of the spectrum. Electrical Basic’s nylon cable ties come in a variety of sizes and tensile strengths to accommodate the wide range of electrical applications in which they can be used.

Choose the Best Cable Ties
Electrical Basics has been the trusted source for cable ties, zip ties and other electrical products for electrical workers, electric contractors and DIY-ers for years and we’d love to add you to this All-Star list. In addition to yellow, blue, orange, green and pink cable ties,we also carry more subdued colors like UV black cable ties of varying lengths and strengths.

With us, you’ll never have to worry about ordering the wrong item ever again! Our dedicated and knowledgeable team of experts is ready to answer any questions you have to help you select the best products for your needs.

Don’t waste any more of your work day looking for cable ties, and order only the best from Electrical Basics.