Rubber and Urethane self adhesive Bumpers and Feet for the home and workplace - Electrical Basics
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Bumpers & Feet for the Home and Workplace

Bumper and Feet provide protection, absorb shock and provide clearance and stability to equipment, cabinets and appliances in the home and in the workplace. In the home, they are used to protect surfaces from damage such as scratched floors, contact of surface to surface materials, sharp edges, and are also widely used as door or drawer stops. Bumpers and feet in the workplace are easy to use, and with options in types and sizes, you can find the right one for your need. They are used in the workplace to absorb shock from vibrating equipment, provide stability to uneven floors, and as a way to separate contact points between surfaces.

Our bumpers and feet are high quality to support OEM products, are used to replace damaged parts, and for protection against household conditions. Durable urethane and rubber bumpers and feet have excellent resilience in many temperature applications, and are resistant to humidity and chemicals.

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Bumpers & Feet