Mounting Screw-On Head Cable Ties

Screw mount head cable ties feature a screw-on head designed to attach to a surface using a bolt or screw. This screw-on head allows the cable tie to be securely fastened to the surface and hold the cables in place. Electrical basics offer a wide range of high-quality mounting cable ties for various wire bundling applications. We provide four sizes of mounting screw-on head cable ties/zip ties in both natural color nylon 6/6 material as well as UV black color nylon 6/6 material for outdoor applications (sun and weather resistant). Our mounting screw-on head cable ties and zip ties are available in lengths from 6" to 15.6" and bundle diameters from 1/16" to 4.75".


Features of Our Screw-on Head Cable Ties

The following features of our mounting cable ties make them ideal for various industrial and commercial applications:

  • Our screw-on cable ties are made up of high-quality nylon, which assures their strength and durability.
  • These cable ties are ideal for applications where there is a need for a more secure fastening.
  • Like other cable ties, screw-on head cable ties have a self-locking mechanism that keeps them secure in place once they are tightened.
  • Screw-on head cable ties can be used in a variety of applications, including in the construction, automotive, and aerospace industries, and so on.
  • These mounting cable ties are offered as 1000 pieces per bag.

Specifications of Screw Mount Cable Ties

The specifications of our mounting screw-on head cable ties are as follows:


COLOR: Natural Black
PACKAGING: 100 per bag
1000 per bag
See Table
MATERIAL: Nylon 66 Nylon 66
UL No. E41938 E190851

Bundle Diam. Range
Approx. Length
Approx. Width
Tensile Strength Mounting Screw Size Pack Size
Natural Black
EBCT-02-05-630-N EBCT-02-05-630-UVB 1/16-1 1/2 (2.0-40.0) 6.0 (155) .145 (3.7) 40 lbs. No.8 (M4) 1000
EBCT-02-05-850-N EBCT-02-05-850-UVB 1/16-2.3 (2.0-60.0) 8.0 (205) .165 (4.2) 50 lbs. No.10 (M5) 1000
EBCT-02-05-1150-N EBCT-02-05-1150-UVB 3/16-3.3 (5.0-85.0) 11.8 (300) .187 (4.8) 50 lbs No.10 (M5) 1000
EBCT-02-05-15120-N EBCT-02-05-15120-UVB 3/16-4.75 (5.0-122.0) 15.6 (398) .310 (7.9) 120 lbs. 1/4 (M6) 100

We understand the changing requirements of electrical installations; thus, we strive to bring you the best screw mount head cable ties. All our nylon 6/6 mount cable ties are designed to bundle the cables effectively. These cable ties are available in different sizes and you can choose one as per your application requirement. Contact us today if you have any queries regarding the product or the buying process. Our team will help you choose the right mounted screw-on head cable tie for your application.