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    AmWatt Electrical Appliance Tester for Measuring Amp & Watt Loads

    The Am Watt appliance load tester is used to read the amps or watts of the most common cord connected household appliances and light fixtures. The tester measures the amps and watts of energy used by an individual electrical appliance so that you can match the electrical load to a compatible output source. This hand held appliance load meter instantly checks 120v electrical devices to provide an accurate digital readout from 0 – 15.0 amps (max) and 0 - 1875 watts (max).

    Use it on refrigerators, space heaters, dehumidifiers, and other electrical appliances in the home and office. It has a long 26 inch cord to make it easy to work around obstructions and hard to reach electrical outlets. The built in slide switch provides a fast way to convert the readings between amps and watts. 

    The Amperage / Wattage Load Tester is easy to use:

    1) Plug an appliance or light fixture into the AmWatt load tester

    2) Plug the AmWatt (amperage / wattage) load tester into a working 15A electrical outlet

    3) Turn the appliance or light fixture ON

    4) Verify through the digital readout display that the electrical load is within safe load limits

    The Am Watt meter is also a great tool to help you identify major energy users or devices that consume a lot of standby power. In cases where gas powered generators can only supply a limited amount of energy output, the Am Watt can become an invaluable tool to work through a temporary or emergency situation. 

    The rugged, impact resistant construction provides a dependable and economical method to assure that the electrical output meets, but does not exceed, the limits recommended for appliances, lights and other cord connected electrical products.

    The AmWatt Appliance and Wattage tester is listed with Underwriters Labratories (UL) for quality testing methods and safety assurance.